Soon-To-Be Velvet Chairs


Since I moved into my apartment I’ve been dying to trade in my parents’ old club chairs for something that was more me, but chairs are expensive. Especially when you have your eye on chairs that resemble something above.

I decided to just keep my eye out for some vintage chairs on Craig’s List or hopefully stumble across a great deal in a store. Many months and fruitless Craig’s List searches later, I finally happened upon a fabulous pair of retro tufted club chairs! They were right here in Chicago, found by a little company called Department. The price was right too!


Now for the tough part — picking a color of velvet. Right now I’m leaning towards West Elm’s fabric by the yard because of it’s durability and cost. Has anyone actually used their fabric before? Or do you have a piece covered in their Performance Velvet?

After the color is decided, I’d love to add some nailhead detailing and possibly legs that make the chair a little bit higher off the ground. And finally, I’ll need some great pillows. I’ve already got my eye on a few from Arianna Belle’s shop.

So now, I’d love to hear what you think? Which color velvet would you choose??!

*velvet inspiration pics from here, here & here

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