Weekend Steals, 2/31

Good morning and happy weekend! This weekend will definitely be an interesting one over in the Staky household. Rob is out of town at a bachelor party in New Orleans, while Owen, Oliver and I are holding down the fort in Chicago. I do spend most of the week at home with Owen, but this will be the first time I’m alone with Owen and Oliver for an entire weekend!

I know we’ll be just fine, but I have a feeling I might be extra tired by Monday morning. Thankfully, I did a little forward planning and have a facial scheduled that day which should be super relaxing. Rob gave it to me for Christmas and I’m finally getting around to using it!

Earlier this week I did a fair amount of spring shopping and I shot a bunch of new looks yesterday. They’re all so fun and springy and I can’t wait to share them with you guys! This week’s roundup of weekend steals are all pretty springy too. It’s safe to say that I’m over winter!

Yesterday afternoon, Shaheen and I had plans to meet at our gym. We put the babes in childcare and then had two hours of adult time! If you read my motherhood post on Tuesday, you’ll know just why this time is so important to me. Our gym conveniently serves drinks, so we had a little happy hour to celebrate the end of the week. Not sure about you, but this one went by slow!

We also did a little grocery shopping before coming home and then put on our comfy clothes. Okay, Owen was already in his! And relaxed at home for the rest of the night.

We don’t have any plans all weekend so I’m hoping to do some cooking, and maybe start cleaning out some drawers in preparation for our move. No, we don’t know where we’re moving yet. I was feeling stressed out about it a week ago, but I know something will pop up—it always does!

Tonight I’m planning on cozying up with a homemade dinner, glass of wine and a movie. Or, maybe I’ll read?! Got any good Netflix recommendations for me? Please share!

Okay, now onto this weekend’s steals!

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