Styled Mantels


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Mantel pieces have been on mind lately. My roommate moved out recently and with her went the huge painting that sat above our faux fireplace and now it just looks empty, blank and sad.

It’s crazy how much bigger it looks when there’s nothing on it either. So many times we’re trying to create space in a room when we decorate, but for my living room, I’m always trying to make it feel smaller, cozier and more quaint. It’s far too big for two people — rental problems.

Since I’m working on a large painting for one side of the living room, I don’t want to have another huge painting over the fireplace. Instead, I’m hoping to create something similar to the pictures above, a bit of a collection of sorts. I love the combination of mirrors, photographs, paintings, flowers, sculptures, etc. It gives the mantelpiece quite a personality, don’t you think? I also like that you could change things up easily by adding a new item or switching out an photograph for a new one.

The only real issue I see with my mantel is that the wall behind it (faux chimney) is slanted. Really a terrible design feature in my opinion, but again — rental problems — I’ll make something work!

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