The Great Room

Technically, I think great rooms are suppose to encompass several different living areas in one space. But frankly, I don’t care. Over the past few months this room has become great, and definitions be damned.

If you remember the original room, you can tell it’s come quite some way. It started off green. Seriously, green everywhere — the ceiling, the walls, the crown molding, the fireplace…. even the radiators. Not that I don’t like green, but this was just overkill. Plus, the blueish grey I picked is oh-so-soothing!

Slowly, I’ve been piecing together the room to form something relatively cohesive without spending a fortune (I have a thing for saving, it makes me feel accomplished, weird?). And I’m sure I’ll continue to add, delete and generally edit the room until, well, probably until I move again.

I never would have guessed that decorating would bring me such joy, but it sure is fun! Seeing my own style emerge and evolve is quite delightful for my creative brain. Thanks for stopping by (and semi-visiting my place)!

*wondering where to find an item? just ask!

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