Summer-Ready Tie Front Tank

summer outfit idea: Tie Front Tank & Denim

Highway Cruisin’ Tank, more colors here | Mile High Super Skinny Jeans | Suede Heeled Mules | Silk Bandana Scarf | Escapade Bag

Yesterday was a good day for us. Anyone else? Nothing particularly special happened, but the sun was shining, it wasn’t freezing or snowing, and I saw a few plants that were even starting to bloom! After 4 months of winter, spring seriously breathes new life into me and all aspects of my life. Everything just feels new, fresh and exciting!

So, what really happened yesterday? We woke up, went through our normal morning routine—feed Owen, pump milk, eat breakfast, and down for a nap. Owen is getting two teeth and has not been napping well, but he slept great, which made me happy! I went to my trainer for the first time in two weeks and wow, it was tough. It’s crazy how just one week off can really set you back.

tie front top

casual spring outfit

suede mules

Yesterday afternoon, I had an appointment with my functional medicine doctor. Guys, I really can’t explain how amazing my experience has been. I’m planning on doing a bigger follow up post on how I’m doing now that it’s been a few months. I’ve still been struggling with low energy in the morning, so we tweaked my treatment plan a little bit and I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes.

After that, we went for a walk. It was just suppose to be a short one, but two hours and a stroller nap later, we finally got back home. I was so tired, but it felt so nice to be outside.

summer street style

how to wear a silk scarf

tie front shirt from free people

Admittedly, these pictures were actually taken in California, but the weather yesterday was almost nice enough to wear something like this. I fell in love with this simple tank and love the tie front. Plus guess what?! This tie front tank comes in a bunch of colors—I love the blush!

what to wear on vacation

suede mules and jeans

Our last stop of the day was to go by our new place and pick up keys! I can’t believe we move in less than a week! Guess how many boxes I’ve packed? If you said none, you’re right on! Hope you have a great Wednesday—time for me to get moving on those boxes!

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