Weekend Steals, 2/10

If you live in Chicago, this weekend seemed to start a little early! Yesterday, schools were closed because of the snow storm and Rob worked from home and I nearly forgot that it was Friday! When Rob pulled out his laptop, it finally hit me that it wasn’t quite time to quit for the week.

We spent most of yesterday bundled up indoors, but took Oliver out for a few long walks since snow is his absolute favorite! I also did some serious shopping for our trip to Miami. I’m so excited for a few days of warm weather and probably over did it, but I couldn’t decide on a swimsuit so I ordered a few and will decide after I try them on.

Last night, we went out for dinner for Rob’s birthday at our favorite, Tango Sur. The last time we’d gone, I was pregnant and couldn’t have any wine, so this time around was a lot more fun! We don’t have too much more scheduled for the rest of the weekend, except for a stop at the gym this morning, and I’m perfectly okay with that!

What are you doing this weekend?!

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