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30 Best Health & Wellness Courses, Bundled for under $100 (!!!!!)

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I'm Blair Staky

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I haven’t been this excited about something in a LONG time! So, let me start by asking you a question…

We all want to look and feel amazing every single day, right?! And, where does that start?

With ourselves—our bodies and our mindset! But, that opens a whole new can of worms. Where do you begin?! Great question, and exactly why I am SO DANG excited to share the amazing bundle I’ve ever seen!

This Health & Wellness Bundle is just that! A bundle of health and wellness courses created by thirty very talented ladies and packaged into a nice neat package at a seriously ridiculous price. Each of the courses here is designed to help teach you something new that will help you to reach your highest potential—both physically and mentally!

Most of these courses retail for over $100 on their own, some are even as much as $750!

And, when you buy it in this handy little bundle, you get ALL of them (30 to be exact) for $99.99, which is basically the cost of one course. If you want to do the math, that makes each course about $3. THREE DOLLARS!!!! Do you guys realize how insane this deal is?! It’s over $5000 worth of courses and it’s discounted 98.01% to be exact!

The only catch? It’s only available for a short time. I kicked myself for missing the last one which was a bunch of courses designed for entrepreneurs. Maybe you snagged it?!

If not, that’s okay, I actually think this bundle is 1000% better for you guys because it covers so many topics that I discuss with you guys in posts on the blog and in one-on-one conversations via Instagram.

When you buy, you’ll get the full bundle, but I wanted to highlight a few of the courses that I think you guys will go nuts over! I already snagged mine and have checked out several of these already, and guys, you are going to LOVE them!!!

Courses I’m Most Excited About

And the courses I think you guys are going to LOVE the most as well! When you buy the bundle, you get access to all 30 included in the packaged deal!

Preconception Prep

For all my mamas-to-be or anyone thinking about having children in the near future. This is one I will be diving into before we think about baby two. I peeped into this training earlier and WOW, it’s chock-full of so much good stuff—stuff you may have not considered in your pre-baby phase that will make a big difference for you!

Postpartum Training Program

How many of you are raising your hands for this one?! Hell to the yes! I wish I had known about this 2 years ago. I felt so blahhh right after I had Owen. My stomach still hadn’t gone back to normal and I wasn’t sure what to do or what area to focus on first. I would have loved something designed exactly for where I was in my life.

Super Sale: Claim all 30 courses for under $100! But, hurry—this is only available until September 17th.

The Manifestation Project

After reading a few books on manifestation and the Law of Attraction, I’m all about this amazing method and how it can literally positively impact every single area of your life. Better health? You got it! More money? You betcha! I can’t wait to dive into her techniques, because, admittedly I’m bad about sticking to my manifestation habits.

Gut Overhaul

I’ve talked about it several times here, but gut health is king in our overall health and something I work on every single day. I’m excited to dive into this one as well because despite my best efforts, my gut could still use some help.

Fixing Your Period Problems

A few weeks ago I talked about seed cycling to get my period fixed and I couldn’t believe how many of you reached out and said you had weird periods too. Can we all pinky promise to take this course and get ourselves back in check!?

The Adrenal Collective

Energy is something I also still struggle with. It comes in waves, but I can tell when I’ve pushed myself to far. The trouble is that I don’t always know how to back myself out of this one. I can’t wait to go through this program that was created by my sweet friend Caroline Potter (so proud of you girl!!). She is one of the most kind and graceful women I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know and I know we can all learn a lot from her!

Hormone Reset Detox

I love a good detox, and when it helps reset my hormones, even better!!! This one might be the perfect precursor to some of these others like the pre-conception course, the postpartum course and the period course!!

I Quit Sugar: 8 Week Program

I did a quick sugar detox earlier this summer, but admittedly have fallen off that wagon. Definitely ate some gummy candies last night—whoops! I’m excited to check this one out because I know I eat too much sugar throughout the day and would love to cut back.

Consider this bundle your go-to library of the best information, teachers and guides on making yourself feel like the very best version of yourself! One thing I’ve learned over the years is that investing in yourself is NEVER something I’ve regretted.

And, when the entry fee is this low, how can you not say YES!?

How’s that for a kick ass surprise for a Monday!? I can’t wait to see how these courses impact your lives! And, if you have any questions about the bundle, let me know! I’m happy to help!