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What to Look for in an Effective Eye Cream

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clean retinol eye cream

First off, if you don’t currently use an eye cream, promise me that by the end of this post, you will order one! It’s one of the simplest additions to your sincere routine and can make such a difference in the long run. 

Why? Because our eyes are one of the first areas to really start showing our age. Even if you don’t notice any fine lines or wrinkles now, I recommend you start using one as a preventative measure. It’ll keep your eye area super hydrated and less prone to fine lines and wrinkles.

Believe me—I know and wish I had been better about it in my twenties!

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve leveled up my eye cream to something with more active ingredients and intense hydration to help fight the wrinkles that are slowly making their way. 

clean beauty
review of Beautycounter's Countertime Eye Cream

For years, I used the Rejuvenating Eye Cream, which I adore! It’s got caffeine in it that helps fight puffy eyes and brighten dark spots

I swapped it out for the Countertime Ultra Renewal Eye Cream after several people told me it was even better than the Rejuvenating Eye Cream. They were right!

Stop! If you’re thinking about placing an order, make sure you’ve signed up for my Clean Beauty Crew email list where I share exclusives, discounts and promos for my crew!!

What to Look for in an Effective Cream

Ingredients That Soften Wrinkles and Fine Lines

At the end of the day, I like to think those laugh lines around my eyes are proof that I’ve enjoyed a happy life thus far! But, softening them up is also okay with me 🙂

Softening fine lines and wrinkles is the main reason I use eye cream! The Countertime eye cream has the Retinatural Complex (read more on clean retinol here) that has the same effects as retinol without the side effects like sensitivity and irritation.

Ingredients that Brighten Under Eye Circles

Second biggest reason why I use eye cream—dark circles! This was never an issue for me until I had Owen. But, now it’s a main concern for me. I base how well I slept on how my eyes look, and some days are better than others. Another key ingredient in this eye cream is Persian Silk Tree Extract, which has been proven to brighten the shadows under your eyes, which makes you look more awake—wahoo!!!

best eye cream
best non-toxic eye cream
eye cream with natural retinol

Ingredients that Reduce Puffiness

Most mornings I use my amethyst roller to help decrease puffiness, and this eye cream also helps to combat puffiness. The Persian Silk Tree Extract has also been proven to help with reducing puffiness and reducing the appearance of crow’s feet!

Less Irritating, Non-Toxic Ingredients

The skin around our eyes is so thin and delicate, so opting for safer ingredients that are less likely to cause irritation is key for me! I’m so excited that the new Ultra Renewal Eye Cream is not only safer, but also incredibly effective!

If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, it’s safe for you too which is great news because retinol is off limits!

Do you use eye cream right now? And, have you tried the Countertime eye cream yet?

P.S. Beautycounter is currently running a promo on the Flawless in Five makeup set. When you order it, you’ll get a free Retractable Foundation Brush, and if you join Band of Beauty this month ($29/year for free shipping on orders over $100, 10% product credit back and more), you’ll get a FREE Resurfacing Peel (worth $63!) just for signing up! It’s a good month to get some awesome freebies and swap all of your makeup to cleaner products!

P.P.S. I’m now offering samples if you want to try Beautycounter before you buy! Click here to fill out a quick survey and pick your samples!

BTW, my favorite Beautycounter products, and my five minute makeup routine.



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