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5 Easy Ways to Get Moving This Summer

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I'm a mom of two boys living in Denver. The Fox & She is where I share my easy outfit ideas, style tips, beauty hacks and wellness tips for inspired, happier living—everyday.

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ebay activewear | 5 Easy Ways to Get Moving This Summer

All Tied Up Tank | Speed Up Shorts, longer version here | Nike Free Sneakers

One of my favorite things about living in Denver is how much time we spend outdoors. We get sunshine nearly everyday and that makes it so easy to get outside and keep my body moving. There’s just something about the sunshine that makes it so much easier to be active and when I’m more active, I just feel so much better.

One thing I’ve learned, is that a body in motion, stays in motion. The more frequently you’re active, the more you want to be active. Why? For me, it’s because it feels good to feel good!

Being active doesn’t just mean going to a workout class or a few jumping jacks during a commercial break while you’re watching TV, or completing a high-intensity exercise program. To me, it just means to keep moving, and make sure you move everyday. Walking from bed to your couch doesn’t count though! So instead of overthinking it, just think about the easiest way you can move your body, or get more steps each day—nothing complicated, just move!

One of my favorite ways to be active during summer is take long family walks. Jack and I do walks nearly everyday, but it’s extra fun on the weekends when Rob, Owen and Oliver come too! We typically go to the park then run around on the field, climb on the playground, kick the soccer ball and then come home for lunch in the backyard. Jack isn’t too active yet, but he does love crawling around in the grass while Owen kicks the ball.

5 Easy Ways To Get Moving This Summer

I don’t always have the option to set aside an hour a day for a workout. So whenever I can squeeze something in, you bet I’m trying to do it!

I find myself living in activewear during the weekends, and let’s be honest, most of the weekdays too. I know that if I put those clothes on in the morning, I’m more likely to do something active—go for a walk, hop on the bike or do a flow in my living room. Some of my favorite activewear is from Lululemon (like the top and shorts I’m wearing here) and Beyond Yoga, but the majority of my most worn pieces are actually from Amazon.

These tops, these leggings and these socks are in my weekly rotation for activewear. These tops actually look super cute with high-waisted skirts too—love when a piece does double duty!

lululemon on ebay | 5 Easy Ways to Get Moving This Summer
lululemon activewear on ebay
affordable activewear
shiba inu
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sporty chic activewear outfit | 5 Easy Ways to Get Moving This Summer

1. Go for a Run

Admittedly, I am not a runner—I kind of hate running, but every once and a while, I get the itch! So, I act on it, do what feels good for my body, and then wait until I feel that way again. It’s not a regular thing for me. I wish I liked it more because it’s one of the easiest ways to exercise. All you need is the right outfit and shoes! Even if you don’t go far, you’re getting your heart rate up and that’s amazing!

If you’re not a big runner, try doing intervals! Run for a block, walk for a block, and do that same pattern for a while. Getting your heart rate high, and then active resting is so great! This is actually something I can do and love doing with the boys while they’re sitting in the stroller. Owen thinks it’s hilarious to go fast and has no idea that I’m really doing it for my own health, not just his entertainment.

2. Go for a Walk

I underestimated the power of walking, but when I was pregnant, my doctor ensured me that this was one of the best things I could do for myself. It gets your heart rate up, but isn’t too hard on your joints. You can walk for a long time too! Living in the city definitely makes it easier to get daily steps in, but if you’re in a suburb or neighborhood, put on your favorite podcast and head out the door! Just 30 minutes a day will make a huge difference in how you feel every single day. If you’re walking the dog, just go a little further than you normally do, I don’t think they’ll mind!

It’s especially easy to get out for a daily walk when you’ve got warm weather. With Jack at home, this is one of my favorite ways to get out of the house each day. It’s so calming for both of us!

how to stay healthy this summer | 5 Easy Ways to Get Moving This Summer
summer activewear outfit
kissing shiba inu

3. Go Hiking

Now that we live in Colorado, we do have hiking nearby, but admittedly we haven’t been much with Jack being so young. I love going for hikes when we spend time in the mountains, and I’m excited to explore some new areas around us as the weather gets warmer.

Another thing I love about hiking is that it has the added benefit of being surrounded by nature. When we lived in Chicago, I missed this so much, but now that we’re in Colorado, we have nature so much closer, even within our own neighborhood It’s so grounding and calms me more than anything. I’m already looking forward to summer hikes in the mountains.

4. Bike Riding

Bike riding is another great way to move. It also can be a great means of transportation! I’m hoping to get Owen a bike soon and get a seat for Jack so we can all go on bike rides together. When we take weekend trips to the mountains, one of my favorite activities is renting bikes (and a buggy for Owen, Jack hasn’t done this yet), and head out on the bike path for a long bike ride. It’s so fun for everyone.

Since Jack still naps a lot, we’ve been taking advantage of our MyX Fitness bike and both Rob and I use it several days a week. I love that they have shorter rides and workouts that I can quickly squeeze in while Jack is taking a nap. If you’re thinking about getting this bike, use code THEFOXANDSHE for $200 off, plus free shipping and assembly, which is worth $250. There are so many amazing classes from rides to HIIT to yoga and other floor classes. I also love that they have classes that are long, and some that are short, so you can find whatever fits your schedule!

sporty chic activewear outfit
eBay activewear outfit

5. Rollerblade or Scooter

Okay, maybe you’re laughing at this one, but who didn’t love rollerblading as a kid? It’s one of those nostalgic things that’s really fun and also happens to be a great workout. I can guarantee your glutes will be feeling it the next day!

Another good workout, scootering! Owen loves to scooter, so I got an adult scooter this year and we occasionally go for rides together! It’s so much fun and a good little workout too.

As our boys get older, I’m excited to find new ways to stay physically active with them and hopefully instill good habits for them that last a lifetime. What are your favorite ways to move during the summer?

BTW, 25 minute full body workout, and 4 ways to wear white pants this summer.



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