5 Easy Ways to Get Moving This Summer

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All Tied Up Tank | Speed Up Shorts, longer version here | Nike Free Sneakers

One of my favorite things about living in the city during summer is how much time we spend outdoors. It’s so much easier to be active and when I’m more active, I just feel so much better. My trainer always repeats, a body in motion stays in motion. The more active we are, the easier it is to be active!

5 ways to get moving this summer for healthy living

Being active doesn’t just mean going to a workout class or completing a high-intensity exercise program. To me, it just means to keep moving, and make sure you move everyday. Walking from bed to your couch doesn’t count though!

One of my favorite ways to be active during summer is take long family walks. Owen and I do this a lot during the week, but it’s extra fun on the weekends when Rob and Oliver come too! Our weekends look like this—after Owen’s morning nap, we walk to get coffee and stroll our neighborhood in the morning. In the afternoon, we’ll walk to lunch or to a patio for a drink, or even go to the park now that Owen is big enough to go in the swing!

This past weekend we did just that! I wore this brand new activewear outfit that I got from eBay. Here’s the cool part? It’s actually all Lululemon! If you haven’t been on eBay lately, I recommend you pop over there and do some browsing.

What once used to be thought of as an auction-only site has changed a lot! You can literally find just about anything you could want, and instead of it all being pre-owned, they have tons of brand new merchandise. The best part? Prices start at $14.99!

lululemon on ebay

lululemon on ebay

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I’ve been living in activewear with summer in full swing and Owen getting busier than ever and I’ve been bulking up that part of my closet. I figure if I’m wearing activewear 3-4x a week, I might as well have some pieces that look pulled together!

Honestly, I love Lululemon. So I figured, why not start there! I quickly found several pieces that I loved like this all tied up tank that’s available in a bunch of different colors and sizes. I’m wearing a size 4 for reference! I also love that this top could easily be worn with jeans or denim shorts. I also love this top and this top!

eBay Activewear Favorites

These speed up shorts from Lululemon are my absolute favorite, but they rarely have the color and size I need in store, which made shopping for these on eBay a whole lot easier. There were so many fun colors and patterns to choose from and this pretty rose quartz color was calling my name!

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5 Ways to Stay Active

1. Go for a Run

Admittedly, I am not a runner. Every once and a while I get the itch to run, so I act on it, but it’s not a regular thing for me. I wish I liked it more because it’s one of the easiest ways to exercise. All you need is the right outfit and shoes! Even if you don’t go far, you’re getting your heart rate up and that’s amazing!

2. Go for a Walk

I underestimated the power of walking, but when I was pregnant, my doctor ensured me that this was one of the best things I could do for myself. It gets your heart rate up, but isn’t too hard on your joints. You can walk for a long time too! Living in the city definitely makes it easier to get daily steps in, but if you’re in a suburb or neighborhood, put on your favorite podcast and head out the door!

P.S. If you have a baby that won’t sleep, pushing them in the stroller is almost a guarantee that they’ll get some sleep!

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3. Go Hiking

We don’t have hiking areas near us, but hiking is one of my favorite ways to move. We’re headed to Colorado in a few weeks and I am so excited for all the hikes we’re planning on doing. My dad even bought one of those backpacks for Owen to ride in. Hiking has the added benefit of being surrounded by nature. Again, this is something I seriously miss living in the city. Being in the middle of the woods with only the sounds of nature is one of the most calming things for me.

4. Bike Riding

Bike riding is another great way to move. It also can be a great means of transportation! Chicago is a super bike-friendly city and is sometimes a faster means of getting around than waiting around on a cab!

Owen’s still a little small for this, but next summer, we’ll be toting him along!

sporty chic activewear outfit

eBay activewear outfit

5. Rollerblade

Okay, maybe you’re laughing at this one, but who didn’t love rollerblading as a kid? It’s one of those nostalgic things that’s really fun and also happens to be a great workout. I can guarantee your glutes will be feeling it the next day!

What are your favorite ways to move during the summer? Have you searched eBay for your favorite activewear brands yet?

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