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How to Build a Winter Capsule Wardrobe for Winter—Casual & Stylish Outfits for Busy Moms

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I'm a mom of two boys living in Denver. The Fox & She is where I share my easy outfit ideas, style tips, beauty hacks and wellness tips for inspired, happier living—everyday.

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Build a winter capsule wardrobe with stylish, timeless neutral pieces and feel confident and beautiful all season long.

capsule wardrobe for busy moms

As we come into December and the temperature drops, I find that it can be hard to get motivated to get myself out of sweats every morning. It can be so tempting to stay in that comfy lounge set, but I’ve also found that when I take just a few minutes to put on something cute, my whole energy and day can totally shift. I go from feeling sloppy to pulled together and for whatever reason, that totally motivates me. But when it’s freezing outside, I often find myself staring at my closet, not knowing what to wear.

After yet another frustrating morning like this and a failed attempt at getting dressed in anything other than my favorite sweater set (okay, this sweater set is actually great if you need a comfy chic outfit for school drop off!), I decided that creating a winter capsule wardrobe for myself would really help and I wanted to share it with you too!

Now, I’m able to easily and quickly grab an outfit that’s stylish and also easy enough for my busy life—dropping kids at school, running errands, making dinners and running a business. These outfits are designed to be easy, effortless and leave you feeling cool and confident as you go about your busy lives.

Benefits of Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

You’ve likely heard of a capsule wardrobe, but just in case you haven’t, it’s basically a minimalist closet that is filled with fewer pieces, but those pieces are all extremely versatile. I used to think that a capsule wardrobe would limit me, but what I’ve found is that it allows me to be more creative with what I have.

Here are a few other reasons why I love a capsule collection!

Saves Time

With a capsule wardrobe, there’s less time spent deciding what to wear each day. The limited number of carefully selected, versatile pieces makes it easier to mix and match, streamlining the process of getting dressed in the morning. When my mornings already feel short for time, this is such a huge benefit!

Less Decision Fatigue

Let’s be real, as moms we face a zillion decisions everyday and sometimes all I want is to not make any more decisions. A capsule wardrobe minimizes the number of choices related to clothing, reducing decision fatigue and freeing up mental energy for more important tasks. Who doesn’t love that?

Saves Money

By focusing your wardrobe on a select number of pieces, you won’t need to shop as much. Your shopping can be much more intentional and you’ll avoid impulse purchases knowing that you already have a well-rounded wardrobe that makes you feel good.

Closet Organization

I love a good closet purge, but with a capsule wardrobe, you won’t have as much stuff which encourages a more organized closet. With fewer items, it’s easier to keep things neat and find what you need quickly, especially when time is of the essence.

Less Stress

Simplifying the wardrobe can contribute to a less stressful daily routine. Knowing that everything in the closet coordinates well can bring a sense of calm and reduce the anxiety associated with choosing outfits.

womens winter capsule wardrobe for busy moms


Capsule wardrobes are designed to be mix-and-match, allowing for a variety of outfit combinations with a minimal number of items. This versatility is especially useful for us busy moms who are often transitioning from one activity to another throughout the day.

Focus on Essentials

A capsule wardrobe encourages a focus on essential, timeless pieces rather than constantly chasing fashion trends. This can be beneficial for moms who want to maintain a classic and timeless style without constantly updating their wardrobe. We’ll talk about how to work some of the fun trends into your capsule wardrobe in just a bit!

Environmental Impact

Lastly, adopting a capsule wardrobe aligns with a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to fashion. By buying fewer, high-quality items and avoiding fast fashion, you’re able to reduce your own environmental footprint.

How to Build a Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Choosing the Right Pieces for your Capsule Wardrobe

When choosing the right pieces for your own winter capsule wardrobe, you’ll need to consider your own circumstances. Do you work? If yes, do you work from home or at an office? What’s the dress code? What is most important to you?

I built this winter capsule wardrobe for my own circumstances, but I think it will work for many women out there. I work from home running my own business and also have a lot of daily responsibilities when it comes to our kids and running our household as well. For me, that means style is important, but comfort and ease are just as high on the list! Oh, and I’d like to be warm—as a Texas girl, the Colorado winters are chilly and I’d prefer to be warm!

Your needs may be slightly different, so feel free to adjust certain pieces to fit your own lifestyle.

Essential Winter Wardrobe Staples

For winter, I lean heavily on neutral pieces because I find them to look chic and timeless in every occasion and they’re the easiest to mix and match. When creating your own capsule wardrobe, make sure to shop your own closet before. While these pieces are great, they are merely suggestions! If you have a different black sweater or camel coat, by all means—wear what you have!

Sweaters & Tops

If you like staying warm, sweaters and basic tops are essential. Focus on sweaters in whites, creams, blacks and greys, even a tan if you like. And t-shirts or bodysuits in basic black and white.


Since I live in a cold climate, I’ve included pants here because I like to keep warm. A few basic pairs of pants in jeans in different colors is ideal. To switch things up more, try jeans, corduroy, and trousers—different types of materials will help keep your wardrobe feeling extensive and versatile.


In my opinion, a good coat makes all the difference! This is where I would invest a little bit more money into buying a high-quality coat that’s warm, stylish and timeless. You don’t need a zillion of them, but if you have two or three, make sure they’re different colors so you don’t feel like you only have one option.


I have a few different styles for different occasions, but if you prefer different shoes, switch it out with your favorites. I included a sneaker, a comfy flat—I love a pointed toe, a flat ankle boot (if you like heeled, go for it), and these adorable kitten heels.

Assessing your current Wardrobe & Decluttering

Before you go buy anything else, I highly recommend shopping your closet! See what you have, try those pieces on to see if they still fit, check for holes and wear and tear and assess what items you still need to round out your wardrobe.

If you know you love wearing black—consider investing in a few different styles of black sweaters so you’ll have more options.

And, if you’ve got time, the changing of seasons is the perfect time to clean out your entire closet!

Mixing & Matching: How to Create Versatile Outfits with Limited Pieces 

Now, the fun begins! To make things easy and simple for you, I created a PDF with 52 outfit combinations inside, you can download it for free here. This can help you to visualize different outfit ideas and get inspired to wear the heck out of your closet, feel your best and save money and time while doing it.

I also wanted to share some other ways to take advantage of other pieces in your closet, because just because you have a capsule wardrobe doesn’t mean you can’t wear items that fall outside that.

Let’s say you have a lacy white top like this one. I fully admit that I am a sucker for white shirts! You can easily swap that fancy shirt with one of the outfits inside the free eBook that’s currently paired with a white sweater or shirt. This just gives you even more outfits to wear—how amazing is that?

Layering for Warmth & Style

For really cold days, I recommend wearing a layering piece underneath your sweater. These simple tanks are great for that and no one will see them, but it will keep you warmer. Add a cozy coat, scarf and a hat for warm look that feels chic and intentional. I also love some warm socks too that look chic.

capsule wardrobe for moms

Adding Accessories for a Unique Look

This is where you get to be really creative and add your own touch to your outfits. I love pairing different scarves (this one is a current fave and so classic), purses, jewelry or even a headband or hat to really make your outfit unique! This is a great place to lean into some trends without overdoing it.

Incorporating Trends into your Capsule Wardrobe

You can incorporate trends easily into your wardrobe with accessories, footwear and even swapping the style of your pants or sweaters for a cut that’s more on trend. Right now, wide-leg and straight pants are having a moment. A few years ago it was all about skinny jeans. At the end of the day—they’re still jeans, but swapping the silhouette can make your outfit feel updated and fresh.

Tips or Shopping Smart

Knowing where to save and where to spend on your capsule wardrobe will keep it more affordable and timeless. When adding sweaters or trending pieces, I often look at Amazon to save money. Always read the reviews to make sure they’re a good buy.

When it comes to outerwear, I recommend buying a nicer coat—they’ll be better constructed and will last you longer than a cheap coat. They’ll most likely be warmer too. Generally, I’m okay with spending a little more on footwear because I want to be comfortable, but it’s completely up to you and your budget.

Styling Inspiration: 52 Casual and Cozy Winter Outfit Ideas

Don’t forget to download my free winter capsule wardrobe outfit idea PDF. I have 52 outfit combinations in there to get you through all of winter! You can grab it for free here!

A winter capsule wardrobe will not only help you get dressed every day, but save you time, decision fatigue and money. Having beautiful, classic pieces to reach for all winter long will help you stay cozy, chic and feeling your best all season long!

BTW, how to wear loafers, and how to style ankle boots with different types of outfits.



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