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5 Winter Kid Activities to Do at Home (When You’re Not a Creative Mom)

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kid activities winter

I’m a mom, and I consider myself creative. But, I don’t really consider myself a creative mom. I’m not good at coming up with crafts and cool educational ideas for Owen. I wish I was, but I’ve settled on the fact that I have other strengths, and realized that you don’t have to be doing intense craft projects with your kids to be a good mom.

Now that winter is in full-swing, we’ve been hanging out in our living room a whole lot. Last week was a real test of our in-home activities since it was super cold! Here are a few of our favorite activities, plus a few that I’m excited to do when Owen’s a bit older!

duplo legos
snow day activities for kids

5 Winter Kid Activities to Do at Home:

Build a Fort

Who else did this a lot when they were a kid?! When Owen is a little older, we’ll be turning our living room into a fort because I remember how much fun it was as a kid. Sure, it might destroy your living room, but hey, it’s fun and passes the time!

Play on the Floor

It’s weird, but I love getting on the floor and playing with Owen. It makes me feel like a kid again and is a big stress-reliever. He loves climbing on me and showing me his toy cars and the whole thing just warms my heart and makes me feel so grateful for our little lives here in Chicago—frozen winters and all!

Bake Cookies

We’re not quite at this stage, but I love cooking and I’m so excited to someday be able to do this with Owen. It’s a hobby that’s brought me so much joy and I hope it’s something I can pass down to him and any future kiddos.

winter kid activities to do at home
toddler activities for winter

Take a Long Bath

I don’t know about your kiddos, but Owen LOVES bath time! And if we’ve been inside all day, sometimes I’ll start bath time early and let him hang out in there for longer than normal. I’ll put in some extra toys, like tubberware and spoons from the kitchen just so he has something new to do! He loves it! And, it’s fun for me to watch too!

Legos & Magna-Tiles

Several of my mom friends have suggested both of these, and we got some Duplos for Owen this past Christmas! It might be a little longer (though, he’s starting to really get the hang of it!) before he fully figures it out, but here’s the deal. I LOVE Legos and the magna-tiles are so cool. We’re waiting to get the magna-tiles until he’s a little older because there’s small pieces. Both of these gifts will definitely make our playtime together more fun. I can’t wait to see him build houses or garages for his cars or whatever else he decides to make!

What are your favorite activities or games to play with your kids at home?!

BTW, how we weaned Owen off the bottle.



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