6 Products I Always Keep in My Shower

Today’s post is written by contributor Chelsea Becker, a San Diego native, living and writing in San Francisco. Follow her on Instagram & Pinterest.

Beyond the basics of shampoo, razors, and the like, there are certain things I keep in my shower to make the experience elevated. Maybe that sounds dramatic, but shower time is honestly one of my favorite times of day. When done right (aka not rushed and with intention), it’s a chance to slow down while solely focusing on yourself. So if you can, give yourself a few extra minutes, add products with a special touch, and start thinking of showers as self-care time. Because they are!

Here are the products that have made my shower experience even better.

Clarasonic Mini

Since using this device with a gentle facial exfoliant a few times a week, I’ve noticed a major difference in my skin. I usually have a fairly clogged jawline and large pores, but those things have almost disappeared after consistent use of the mini. I like to use it on my neck and chest once a week too, as those areas don’t get nearly enough love.

Coffee Scrub

I can’t remember how I first found this product, but I’ve been hooked ever since. Especially with dry winter skin, this body exfoliant is a life saver and leaves my skin feeling so, so good. I gently rub it head to toe and like to leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing. The coffee scent to wake my butt up in the morning doesn’t hurt either!

Hair Repair

I have very fine hair, so breakage is something I’ve always dealt with. I’ve gone through a million deep conditioners and find that this is one of the best. I appreciate the safe ingredient list, and it’s not extremely heavy, though I can tell my hair soaks up the nutrients. I’ll leave it on while shaving and find that my hair feels MUCH better when using this once a week. Pro tip: Leave a wide-tooth comb in the shower and brush through your hair when you have the mask on. It evenly disperses the product and makes tangles after the shower a no-show. You fine-hair girls know what I’m talking about…


I’m a podcast fanatic, so I’m listening to them whenever I can – which lately, has been in the shower. For years I put my phone on full blast and kinda sorta was able to hear, but I finally bought a speaker for the shower. Life-changing, people! Most days I’ll listen to a quick podcast (Optimal Living Daily is a fantastic 10-minute show), but you better believe I blast some Taylor Swift on weekends.

Organic Body Wash

OK so body wash might not seem too exciting, but let me prove that notion wrong. First, this one from PLANT Apothecary is a clean product. Secondly, the scent reminds me of a spa, which is my favorite smell and place in the world. It seriously makes me happy every time I apply it and the lemongrass essential oil is known to promote stimulation (aka wake you up!). Plus, it’s non-toxic.

pH + Shine Corrector

One more hair product that I always keep in my shower, and another pretty packaging detail! I’m always trying to get shinier hair and less build up, and this little product does both. You just spray it on, massage it in, then rinse! My mom actually commented on my hair last time I saw her, noting how shiny it was. I owe it all to this non-toxic miracle!

Anyone else wanting to run and take a shower now? Ha! Be sure to let me know if you’ve used any of these items in your own shower – or what special elements you include in yours.

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