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8 Fall Clean Beauty Favorites

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Fall Clean Beauty Favorites

Last week, I shared that my skin had been freaking out a little bit. It’s not really that chilly yet, but a weekend in the mountains, plus cooler temps and dry air means my skin has been feeling more parched, dry and itchy.

Oh, and Jack is finally sleeping through the night, but my sleep is still wonky, BAH!!

It’s always around this time that I need to make adjustments to my skincare—for my face and body to keep my skin hydrated and healthy. I wanted to share a few clean beauty favorites that I’ve been using and loving lately, plus a couple of fun fall beauty favorites that I’ve been using to refresh my makeup routine too.

Fall Clean Beauty Favorites

Brightening Oil

For someone who dealt with breakouts most of my life, I never thought I’d put an oil on my face, but what I’ve learned is that when your skin is properly hydrated, you breakout less. Who knew?!

As it’s getting drier, I’ve been putting a couple of drops of this brightening oil as the final step in my morning skincare routine. It smells like tangerine, which makes it perfect for the morning IMO.

Make sure to wait a few minutes to let your moisturizer soak in completely before putting it on! If your skin still feels dry, add a couple more drops, and if it feels too greasy, only do 1-2 drops. You can also mix in a few drops with your moisturizer.

Body Butter Trio

Beautycounter body butter trio

Beautycounter’s fall collections just launched and these body butters are my favorite. They had a similar set last year and I went through them so fast because I used them so much. They have shea butter and sunflower oil that hydrates your skin and also soothes it—which is great because my legs have been so itchy!

They’re great for all over your body and extremely dry areas like hands, feet and elbows. I have the original body butter too that I love.

Nécessaire Exfoliating Body Wash

Nécessaire body exfoliator review

I just got this last week and have loved it! Nécessaire’s products are like skincare for your whole body. I got the Body Essentials Kit which comes with this exfoliator, a body wash and body lotion and they’re all so amazing!

I especially loved this though! It smells amazing and I love that it’s exfoliates your skin. I tend to get more ingrown hairs in the fall and winer when I’m wearing pants more frequently and this really helps prevent them. It also keeps my skin looking glowy.

The body butter soaks into my skin even better after using this! I also tried out the lotion and I love it too. It’s fragrance-free, so if you don’t like a scent, this would be a great option for you.

Bright Side Duo

Beautycounter C Serum and Overnight Peel Set

This fall set includes two of my all-time favorite products EVER—the vitamin C serum and the overnight peel. These really work together so well. The peel is for night time and helps resurface your skin and remove dead skin cells, and the C serum is for the morning to protect against environmental stressors and actually brighten the skin.

Both help reduce dark spots and even skin tone over time. Basically they’re the dream team and everyone needs this in their routine! They’re slightly smaller sizes which are perfect for travel since the holidays are coming.

If you’ve ever wanted to try either or both of these, grab this one because it will go fast!

Fall Lip Glosses

Fall Clean Beauty Favorites

I’ve found myself leaning more towards glosses lately over lipstick—pandemic life I guess. They’re more hydrating than lipstick and add such a nice pop of color. It’s that thing that makes me feel pulled together, even though I’m mostly around the house. This lip gloss set has 3 fun fall colors, Wild Berry is my favorite!

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I also LOVE Rosewood (my go-to), Clove (SO pretty for fall) and Peony if you like a pretty pink! If you do like lipstick better, 9 to 5 is my all-time favorite for fall, and actually year round.

Tula Eye Balm

Fall Clean Beauty Favorites

I started using this Tula Eye Balm a few months ago and I love it. It hydrates and cools the eye area which feels amazing in the morning, especially after a long night with Jack. It’s also part highlighter, which means your eyes look brighter too! That’s probably my favorite part!

I use it under my eyes, on the sides and under my eyebrows. Makeup goes on really nicely over it too.

Golden Hour Palette

Golden Hour eye palette

This all-over palette is gorgeous! Bright and warm and I love that there’s a highlighter in here for making your face look extra glowy, and a blush because I can’t go without blush! You can do several different eye looks with this one—for everyday or for something more dramatic. I can’t wait to play with this one more.


Fall Clean Beauty Favorites

Last, but certainly not least, the Jellies are back! I hope you got a chance to grab these last year, but if not, you can this year. They’re sort of in between a gloss and balm in my opinion. They add just a little bit of shine and are super hydrating. If I can’t find my balm in the morning (thanks Owen!), I just grab one of these.

They come in a 5 pack, so I have them scattered around—one in my diaper bag, one on my desk, one in the car, one in my purse and one in my bathroom! These have a slight shimmer to them and feel so good on.

Do you make changes to your skincare routine in the fall and winter to account for drier weather?

BTW, 6 amazing gua sha benefits, and my honest review of the clean retinol collection.



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