A Corner for Coffee

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I have this idea.. a fantasy of sorts? That someday, my life will slow down enough that I can wake up and leisurely make myself coffee and breakfast and sit, snuggled up in a cozy breakfast nook like one of these. Can you tell I like the built in bench area? Along with that coffee, I’d like a book, or my iPad to browse my favorite blogs. And without the worry and rush to get started on that day’s work. Ha, a girl can dream, right? The other part of the fantasy is that my house actually has one of these little places for me to enjoy that cup of coffee. Or for this time of year, something pumpkin flavored. Besides dreaming of cozy breakfast nooks this Friday, I’m looking forward to this weekend. We’ve got the annual Iron Skillet game (TCU vs. SMU) and we’ll be headed to Chicago’s TCU Bar, 6 Corners in Wicker Park, for the watching party. The SMU crew is joining us this week, so it should be a rowdy time! I’m also looking forward to heading to Randolph Street Market tonight! I’ve been asked to participate in their Editor’s Choice for Charity! It’s actually quite cool, I pick my favorites and when they sell, a portion of the proceeds go to a charity of my choice. I went with St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. I’ll share my picks next week! And if you live in Chicago, I highly recommend stopping by, I always find such fabulous things here! What’s on your agenda? Have a wonderful weekend!

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