Cozamia Prints

Since moving into my new apartment, finding unique and affordable artwork and prints has been at the top of my to-do decorating list. I came across Nancy Ramirez’s Cozamia on Pinterest and fell in love. Her prints are bold, bright and can be ordered in several different sizes. Even the largest sizes don’t break the bank!

It took me a while to finally settle on two prints — The Dress & Flamingo Mingle — for two different rooms in my house, and I couldn’t be happier with my decisions. The Flamingo print in bedroom adds the perfect pop of color against blue walls and the girl in the dress really makes a statement in our dining room!

{ Brittle Stars in Blue / Electric Garden in Blue / Darjeeling / Night Peonies on Blue / Wild Herringbone in Pink / Color Migration on Black }

I’m thinking how perfect the small prints would be as birthday or Christmas gifts gifts. What about you?

All of her prints are gorgeous and the other 6 shown here were all on my list before narrowing it down. Make sure to check out all her work and let me know which print is your favorite and where you would put it in your house!

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