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Affordable Easter Basket Ideas



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affordable easter basket ideas

For once in my life, I’m actually on top of things for the next holiday—Easter! Last year, we didn’t do much, as you know, the world was shut down, so I’m excited for this year. Plus, Owen is at the age where he understands Santa and the Easter bunny, so I think it’ll be really fun for everyone.

My parents will also be in town! Affordable Easter Basket Ideasjust got vaccinated and it feels like such a weight lifted off our shoulders to have them be able to visit with no worries.

This year, Easter coincides with my mom’s birthday, so we’ll be having an Easter & birthday celebration at home. Crossing my fingers for beautiful weather for a backyard Easter egg hunt!

Affordable Easter Basket Ideas

I got a few little goodies for the boys and in my search found a bunch of other fun items too that I thought I’d share.

I got them both these baskets, they were so affordable and cute. But I love that they’re canvas, so my guess is that they’ll hold up well to rowdy boys. I also snagged a plastic ball and bat in the dollar section at Target, but can’t seem to find it online. With spring and summer approaching, I thought Owen would have fun with that.

I also got a few sets of these plastic eggs to fill with goodies like jelly beans, sweet tarts and dried mango, honestly, Owen’s favorite thing in the world. For their baskets, I got them each a book, Owen a sticker book and sidewalk chalk. And for Jack, some pajamas and this little Montessori carrot toy.

Affordable Easter Basket Gift Ideas

I can’t wait for it to get here, should be a fun one with family! Do you have any Easter plans this year?

BTW, how to get a picky eater to eat veggies, and 12 cute & affordable spring finds.

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