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What to Pack for a Beach Vacation

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We’re about one month out from our beach vacation, and what makes this one extra special is that it’s our first vacation in over a year. That’s really insane to think about since we actually love to travel! But, either way, we are so dang excited to get out of town, away from the snow and jump into the ocean for a whole week!

What to Pack for a Beach Vacation


The most obvious thing to pack, right? Personally, I love bikinis, but there are so many cute one pieces these days too. I always pack at least 3 so I have options, but also because it gives time for one to dry before you have to put it on again.


I used to overlook this accessory, but a good cover-up is now an essential. Mostly because I try to stay out of the sun a little more, and having something that’s cute, but also functional is key.

Comfy Loungewear

After a day at the beach, we’re usually hanging around the house—part of having kids with early bedtimes! I love having some stylish pieces that are also super comfortable. This set is one of my favorites and definitely coming to the beach with us!

Simple Dresses

Another absolute necessity in my eyes. I love dresses! They’re easy to throw on and always look cute. I opt for simple ones for lazy beach vacations and often use them as cover-ups too. If we end up heading out for dinner or drinks, I’m ready! This one and this one really caught my eye.


Pretty much all I wear in the summer other than sneakers, but a few good pairs of sandals are essential. I like having one pair for the beach that can easily be hosed off, and another, leather pair for wearing around the house and out for dinner.

Sunglasses & Hats

Anyone else serious about keeping the sun off your face? I used to never wear hats and sadly now I have some sun damage on my forehead. These days, I’m pretty much living in some sort of hat and sunglasses when the sun is out.


Lastly, but most important–a good SPF! My favorites are Beautycounter’s mineral sunscreen and Supergoop’s clean chemical sunscreen. They both work great, but I do find that mineral can be a little harder to get off your skin, so for my kids and my body, I typically use Supergoop’s Play formula, and for my face, I love Beautycounter’s facial sunscreen or this unseen sunscreen.

Are you traveling anywhere soon?

BTW, everything you need to know about safe sunscreen, and cute and affordable spring finds.



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