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How to Make Your Cheap Throw Pillows Look Expensive

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affordable throw pillows

Velvet Throw Pillow | Pillow Insert | Lounge Chair | Slipcovered Sofa | Rug | Side Table | Lamp | Coffee Table Book | Decorative Beads, similar

Over the holiday weekend, I bought some new (cheap) velvet pillows to dress up our front living room. The color was gorgeous and so perfect for fall, but when I put them on the chairs, they looked… weird.

They were stiff and too tall looking for the chair. I was just about to return them, when boom! An idea hit.

What if I simply swapped out the foam insert for a soft, cushy down insert? Within seconds, my $10 velvet pillows looked more like these $89 pillows. The inserts only cost $10 a piece too, so for a whopping grand total of $20, you can get the same look as the nearly $90 one—I love that!

Personally, I hate the idea of spending $100+ on one pillow or even just a pillowcase because I like switching them out every so often, or when the seasons change. It’s such an easy way to change the whole look of your room and you don’t need to spend a ton to do it.

And, I like to save my pennies for the big statement pieces like a good, comfortable lounge chair or these side tables that I absolutely adore.

I rounded up some more cute and affordable pillows that you can easily dress up with a simple swap of the insert!

Affordable Throw Pillows

  1. Green Velvet Pillow
  2. Rustic Stripe Pillow
  3. Golden Jacquard Pillow
  4. Tufted Throw Pillow
  5. Chenille Tassel Pillow
  6. Woven Pillow with Exposed Zipper
  7. Ivory Jacquard Pillow
  8. Cognac Brown Velvet Pillow
  9. Square Diamond Pillow
  10. Golden Velvet Pillow
  11. Woven Stripe Pillow
  12. Wavy Lines & Dots Throw Pillow

BTW, affordable fall decor refresh, and pendant lights for the kitchen.



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