Are You Living in Your Forever City?

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After graduating from college at TCU, I moved home to Dallas. If I’m telling the truth, I never thought I’d leave. Not because I didn’t want to, just because it never really crossed my mind! It’s funny to look back and think I knew exactly where my life was heading, and then in an instant, it all changed.

Rob and I got home after a three-week trip to Europe and later that week, he got the call. He got the job that he’d interviewed for in Chicago just weeks before our trip, and he started in a month. All my thoughts about what my future had in store were instantly changed.

Let’s fast forward a bit. We’ve now been in Chicago for nearly five years! It’s crazy really, I thought we’d be here for 3-5 years tops, and here we are at the top end of my estimate! While we have no plans to leave anytime soon, I’m also not sure that we’ll be in this city forever.

chicago skyline

view down the chicago river

So, where will we go?

Neither Rob or I are from Chicago, and our immediate families don’t live close by. I imagine at some point, likely when kids are in the picture, that living closer to either of our families will be more important to us. Rob’s family lives in Denver and it’s high on our list, but who’s to say whether or not that will be our forever city. Seeing how life has thrown me some pretty amazing curveballs already, I’m just doing my best to go with the flow.

So, tell me, where are you living now? Is that city where you thought you’d be—is it your forever city? If not, where do you see yourself settling down for good?

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BTW, why I’m glad I never made a 5-year plan, and captivated by Copenhagen.

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