6 Things Every Mom Needs to Know About Diapers

Aden & Anais Diapers

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Before I had Owen, I knew babies went through a lot of diapers, but I don’t think I realized just how many they go through each day. I swear, as soon as we put a new one on, it’s wet in a matter of 15 minutes! The first few weeks, it felt like all I did was breastfeed and change diapers, and honestly that is exactly what took up most of my time during those early days. Thankfully, wet and dirty diapers are a good thing and a sign that your body is getting everything they need!

After more diaper blowouts than we care to admit to, we’ve learned a lot about what makes a good diaper and a lot about diapering in general! We’ve tried several brands, and these from aden + anais are among our favorites! They’re also so stinking cute—something most diapers can’t say!

Side note, if Aden + Anais sounds familiar, that’s because I mentioned them in this post on our newborn favorites. We have tons of their burpy bibs and they’re the best. They have snaps on them so they can easily be made into a bib, and the shape of them makes them stay on your shoulder easier than a rectangular burp cloth.

Okay, now onto diapers! If you’re about to have a baby, I hope this helps you avoid some of the mistakes we made, and if you already have a baby, I highly recommend these adorable diapers!

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Hey Mama Diapers

whale diapers

Know When to Size Up

Like I mentioned above, we’ve experienced plenty of diaper blowouts, and if I’m being honest, it still happens occasionally (babies, am I right?!), but for a while it was happening multiple times a day. We finally realized that Owen had outgrown the newborn diapers and as soon as we sized up, we weren’t getting nearly as many blowouts as we did before.

Another trick we’ve learned is to buy a pack of diapers one size up from what he normally wears and put him in those at night. We do our best to avoid changing his diaper at night, but now that he’s sleeping longer stretches, this can be tricky. The bigger diaper at night has pretty much eliminated any middle of the night/early morning blowouts!

Wetness Indicator is a Must

I think most diapers come with these wet/dry indicators, but I couldn’t imagine not having them. It’s so nice to just peek between the buttons of his pajamas to see if he needs a change or not. If I had to undress him and look inside the diaper to figure out if it was wet or not, I’d go crazy!

cute diaper patterns

Hey Mama x Aden & Anais diapers

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Cute Patterns

Okay, obviously this isn’t a must for diapers, but if you have to change them every few hours, why not pick the cute ones! These aden + anais diapers come in the cutest patterns! I love these little whales and waves, especially for summer when he’s not always wrapped up in his footie pajamas. The stripes and dinosaurs are also adorable and if you have a girl, you need these bright floral diapers!

Babies Have Sensitive Bums

Thankfully we haven’t had any diaper rash yet, but babies’ skin is so soft and delicate so we’ve been using these hypoallergenic, fragrance-free wipes from aden + anais. These are thicker than other wipes which I love. They do a great job of cleaning up messes and keep Owen’s sensitive skin feeling soft!

Pick What’s Soft, Safe and Smart

Again, babies’ skin is super soft and can be irritated easily. Making sure to pick a diaper that’s soft and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals is really important to me. I want to know that everything I’m putting on his little body is safe so he stays as healthy as possible! Another thing I really love about the design of these diapers is that at the top of the diaper, it dips below his belly button. It’s a little thing and doesn’t matter as much now, but would have been amazing to have when he was first born. Their umbilical cords stick out, and you have to fold down a normal diaper to avoid it. Any moms-to-be, take note, the style of these diapers is perfect for your newborn!

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cute diapers

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Make Sure They’re Absorbent

Duh, this is probably the most important thing when it comes to diapers, don’t you think! These diapers are super absorbent and keep Owen’s little bum as dry as it can be without leaking. Knowing you can count on your diaper to hold everything in while you’re out running errands or through the night is huge!

I’m sure we still have plenty to learn about diapers, but I wanted to go ahead and share the things that we’ve found to be super important these first three months! What diapers do you love? And, is design important to you too?!

photos by Hannah Schweiss

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