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How Did You Pick Your Child’s Name?

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It wasn’t until about half way through my pregnancy that we really started thinking about names. I also realized just how hard it is to find a name that you both agree on! It’s also a lot of pressure, I mean, this kid is going to be called this name for the rest of their lives—it better be good!

I know a lot of people have a list of names they’ve loved for years, but we didn’t! I’m sure there were some that I liked, but I didn’t have any that I was 100% set on.

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We finally got serious about picking a name during our baby moon—I mean, I couldn’t have any drinks on the beach, so why not?! We’d already ruled out a bunch of family names, not because we didn’t like them, we just wanted something different! We were sitting on the patio on our first night and googled baby names and started browsing through the most popular names of the year and other lists to get the brainwaves flowing. Anytime we came across one that we liked, it was added to the list.

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Here’s the funny thing, about a month before that, I decided that I really really loved the name Owen, but was nervous to tell Rob in fear that he might not like it! I brought it up during our conversation and he liked it, so it also got added to the list. By the time our trip ended we had a short list and a name nearly decided.

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Then, the middle name! Okay, this is actually pretty funny. For years, Rob has loved the name Dashiell (pronounced Dash-uhl), and the first time he told me about it, we weren’t dating and I told him I thought it was weird. Over the next eight years, he continued to bring it up whenever we talked about babies and eventually it started to grow on me.

By the time it was time to decide on our little guy’s name, it almost felt wrong to not make it a a part of his name, so a couple of months before his arrival, we settled on his name—Owen Dashiell Staky—and kept it a secret from our friends and family until he was born.

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The reason for keeping his name a secret? Honestly, I didn’t want to give anyone the opportunity to react to it before he was born. I’ve heard stories from friends who shared a few names they were picking from only to have family members tell them that they hate two of them! I didn’t want anyone’s opinions. We loved his name and that’s all that mattered! Now that he’s here, everyone has loved it (or at least that’s what they’ve told us!).

How did you go about picking your child’s name? Do you have names that you already love? And, if you want, share your kiddos names! I love hearing them!

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