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10 Chic Ikea Hacks You Can Actually Complete

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When I was in college, and even the first few years out of college, nearly all of my furniture was from Ikea. Who else had the MALM dresser?! Along with that, I had a smaller dresser and desk that all matched. They were simple, spartan, and a little boring, but it did the trick. Despite the low cost, those pieces lasted me a really long time. In fact, they even made it all the way to Chicago and were still in great condition.

Eventually I got bored of the plain wood dressers and desk and traded them in for new pieces. But, did I really need to? If I’d come across these Ikea hacks earlier, I might have changed my mind!

I’m always amazed at people’s creativity and how they can make something truly amazing out of something so simple and these 10 Ikea hacks are all incredibly beautiful and super easy. So, yes, even you who isn’t super handy can pull of these easy pieces and upgrade your space without spending a fortune. Personally I’m wishing we’d done one of these dresser hacks for the nursery—how cute are they?!

Stylish & Easy Ikea Hacks

1. Dipped Wooden Stools

easy paint dipped wooden stool ikea hack

This might be one of the easiest DIYS I’ve ever seen. You can easily customize the colors to your own taste too! Someday when we have a bigger space and the baby is older, these would look so cute in a play area.

2. Dresser with Leather Pulls

ikea dresser with leather pulls

Why is it that so many dressers don’t have pulls? This genius idea is so simple and looks so cool. Oh, and it will probably take you all of 30 minutes to cut the leather and attach it to the drawers—easy upgrade!

3. Furry Gold Stool

I’ve seen similar furry stools sell for well over a hundred dollars, but not this one! You can get the stool and sheepskin at Ikea (they sell both faux and real sheepskins at affordable prices!). Leave the stool black or spray paint it gold or any other color for a fun twist!

4. Luxe Lacquer Dresser

glossy lacquered Ikea dresser DIY

This dresser is seriously impressive. Just add a few coats of high-gloss lacquer in your favorite color and then add cool hardware and your room instantly looks way cooler. This would work great for a living room too as extra storage for small spaces. It could easily double as a TV stand and bar cart in one.

5. Glam Fur Chair

Similar to the stool, this furry chair would look so nice in my home office! It also looks pretty cozy too.

6. Faux Marble Coffee Table

diy marble coffee table, ikea hack

Marble is one of my favorite materials to use in decor. Our dining room table is marble and I love it, but there’s no denying that marble ain’t cheap. This faux marble coffee table will give you the same look at fraction of the cost.

7. Tree Stump Side Table

tree stump side table

Little side tables like this are perfect for small space living. Keep them next to armchairs so you can cozy up with a book and have a place to put your coffee.

8. Craft Room Work Table

craft room work table diy

I’m not much of a crafter myself, but someday this table would be awesome for a kids’ play room. And, if you are a crafter, you’re probably already pinning this one.

9. Nursery Dresser/Changing Table

diy ikea hack dresser

Like I mentioned above, had I seen this earlier, I might have decided to do this instead of just buying a dresser. The color and hardware on this piece are beautiful and could easily be used for years to come.

10. Butcher Block Desk

DIY butcher block desk

One thing my desk lacks? Storage. I love this simple idea of adding a butcher block to the top of two sets of drawers. You get extra storage and a huge desk space for very little!

Have you ever attempted to upgrade your Ikea furniture? Which one of these projects would you love to see in your home?

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