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3 Best Non-Toxic Dry Shampoos for Gorgeous, Healthy Hair

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The best non-toxic dry shampoos. #cleanbeauty #dryshampoo #healthyhair

Raise your hand if you hate washing your hair?! My hand is raised VERY high, haha!

The longer I can go without washing and styling my hair, the better. I love it when I have good hair days, but I also hate drying it and styling it every day. So, I don’t! On average, I’d say I wash my hair 3-4x a week. In those off days, dry shampoo is my very best friend.

If you’ve never tried dry shampoo, girl, you need to! It absorbs excess oil and gives your hair texture and volume at the same time. Honestly, I think my hair looks better a few days after I’ve washed and applied some dry shampoo! I also think it helps with hair growth, because the less washing and scrubbing I do, the less hair falls out—great for any of you postpartum mamas!

But, like many conventional beauty products, a lot of dry shampoo formulas have toxic ingredients hiding in them. Things like talc, which has been linked to cancer, and alcohol, which can dry out your strands and cause damage with continued use. Clean dry shampoos use natural ingredients like baking soda, arrowroot starch, and rice starch to absorb oil instead of talc.

LPG’s are another no-no—often found in the aerosol versions of dry shampoo. It can make you dizzy or nauseous, and it’s pretty terrible for the environment, so avoid aerosol versions at all costs!

Thankfully, there are some really great dry shampoos that utilize safer ingredients and work just as well. In fact, I’ve come to love these loose hair powder versions a lot more than the aerosol one I used a few years ago.

I’m sharing my top 3 favorite natural dry shampoos that are all talc free powder formulas that work incredibly well!

3 Best Non Toxic Dry Shampoos

Primally Pure Dry Shampoo

This is my tried-and-true dry shampoo that I’ve been using for years. The main ingredients here—arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, baking soda—all help in absorbing excess oil without stripping skin of its natural oils. Kaolin clay is also used in a lot of face masks to remove excess oil, and it does the same thing here with your hair. Many of their ingredients are certified organic too—check their ingredient list for full transparency.

Primally Pure’s also has grapefruit, peppermint and lavender essential oils to help promote healthy hair growth. It also gives it a natural, lovely, clean scent!

It comes in two shades, one for darker locks and one for lighter locks. Cocoa powder is used to darken the formula to blend seamlessly with your hair color. Each color comes in 2 sizes and starts at $16.

Billie Floof Dry Shampoo

I’ve heard amazing things about Billie, so I went ahead and grabbed their dry shampoo when I bought a razor. The best ingredients in their formula are biotin, to help smooth and plump strands of hair, and rice starch, a safe alternative to talc to help absorb excess oil.

Their formula is EWG verified and is cruelty free, vegan, sulfate and paraben free! It’s also the most affordable at $14!

It also comes in two variations, one for dark haired gals and one for light haired ladies. Their packaging is also super cute as well! I’m a sucker for a pretty shelfie, and this one wins the award there!

Prose Dry Shampoo

Earlier this year, I tried Prose’s shampoo and conditioner and my hair has never looked silkier and prettier, so naturally, I wanted to try their dry shampoo as well!

Their formula is also free of alcohol, parabens, sulfates, phthalates and GMOs.

Prose does not have the option for lighter or darker, but I found that with dark roots, it blended well and wasn’t an issue, so my guess is that it works well with most hair colors.

Prose’s dry shampoo comes in a custom formula—you simply answer a few questions about your hair that take into consideration your hair type, needs, climate and a lot more! It’s $25 for a one-time purchase, and you can save a bit if you get a subscription.

Lastly, this probably goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway—dry shampoo is definitely not an alternative to regular washing and conditioning, but can be great for helping one wash last a little longer. Just make sure to scrub your scalp well when you do wash after using it so avoid getting build up around your hair follicles.

What other clean swaps have you made?

BTW, 8 toxic skincare ingredients to avoid, and non-toxic nail polish brands.



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