The Best Memories Made Even Better

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I partnered with Capital One, a brand I love & trust, in today’s post.

I don’t know about you, but some of my very best memories involve food. Growing up, my mom always made family dinner at the table a priority, even with everyone’s busy schedules. It was the perfect time to connect with everyone, take a break from homework and just enjoy our time together. With our own little guy almost here, I so look forward to creating similar traditions with our family as he grows up. There’s just something so special about those connections made around the table and it’s always been something that makes me happy!

As an adult, one of my favorite food traditions is date night. I even remember our first date. We’d gone to get sushi before seeing a movie and I remember how funny it was to be on a first date with Rob since we’d actually known each other and had been good friends for three years. All of those awkward first date questions had already been answered, haha!

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Once a week, we make date night a priority and go out to dinner—just the two of us. It’s nothing fancy, but I treasure our simple little date nights! Typically we’ll just walk to one of our favorite neighborhood spots and catch up with each other without interruptions. We always have the best conversations! Everything from traveling, living abroad, our family’s future, our dream jobs and what we’d do if we won the lotto. It’s the perfect time to forget about work, responsibilities and just daydream with each other. I always leave these dinners with such a full heart and feeling so content and grateful that I get to do life with Rob.

One thing that makes dining even sweeter? Capital One’s Savor℠ card. We’ve both been Capital One cardholders for a long time, simply because I’ve found their rewards to be the absolute best. The new Savor℠ card, which launched this week, gives you unlimited 3% cash back on dining, 2% on groceries and 1% back on all other purchases—plus, no annual fee! Earning and redeeming your rewards is super straightforward, the reward categories don’t change and they don’t expire for the life of the account, which is hugely helpful, because life is busy enough to worry about expiration dates. Best of all, I can feel better about all those date nights and grocery runs (which will only become more frequent over the next few years)!

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When we’re not at date night, we actually eat almost every other meal at home. So getting cash back at the grocery is a huge huge perk for us! I can only imagine how big of a difference that’ll make over a year! If you’re intrigued and want to learn more about Capital One’s new card, you can find more info here. I won’t lie, all this food talk is getting me really excited for the holidays! We’re hosting Thanksgiving this year and saving on all that food for a crowd will be so nice!

Lastly, tell me, do you have good memories that revolve around food—whether at home or dining out? Share one of your favorite food-related memories below!

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