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15 Eclectic Dining Rooms

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I know I’ve mentioned it a gazillion times, but I really love to cook! Before we moved into our one bedroom apartment and had to downsize our dining table, entertaining and having friends over for meals or happy hour was something I loved to do!

Guess how many times I’ve hosted these types of parties in the past three years? Hmm, I’ll be honest, I’m not actually counting, but if I did, I bet I could tally them up on two hands.

I love our little dining space, but I’d be lying to you if I said I didn’t dream of having a bigger space to host events and have more friends over. But, that may not happen for a while. In the meantime, I’m making a point to not let the size our space deter me. Maybe I’ll have to invite fewer people, or pull in our outdoor table to form a weird figure-8 shaped table that seats more people, despite looking janky.

This mostly neutral moody spaces gives me all the feels. So calming and relaxing!

The combination of classic pieces in this room like a wooden table and wicker chairs mixed with the funky art and cool wallpaper make this space so fun and inviting.

A classic and simple dining space that I absolutely love. How about the lighting in here?!

The heavy wood beams on the ceiling mixed with the abstract art with a pop of red in it makes this room so interesting—love all the texture that’s happening in here.

A simple breakfast nook made extra special with a gorgeous rug and some interesting art that’s bound to catch your eye.

I LOVE this room—the mixing of different widths of stripes and the pops of orange make this room a showstopper.

What a cool space—not sure if I could ever do something so unique, but I have to appreciate it. The table is so interesting and unique. A piece of art in itself and the art on the diagonally painted wall is so intriguing.

A classic space made fun and colorful with a cool bright piece of art that offsets that traditional vibe of this space.

The wallpaper adds a playful touch to this otherwise traditional dining room.

I love a good rustic dining table that just begs everyone to gather round and hang out. The mix of the rustic table against the clean white subway tile walls and fun art makes this room feel collected.

This room reminds me of my grandma’s house in the best way possible. She’s an artist and a collector and I love how layered and collected this funky dining space feels.

The dark green moody walls in this dining room create such a vibe. I can see dinner parties going until the wee hours in this sexy space.

A unique oval-ended rectangular table fits this space so well, I also love the art that gives this mysterious vibe to the whole room.

I love this fun and bright space—it’s so inviting and playful and has splashes of color that make it feel so warm.

I love a library dining room—how fun is the ceiling and the books surrounding the space? It makes for such a cozy place to enjoy a meal or just hang out with your cup of coffee and a good book.

One thing I really do love about our eclectic dining room is the style. It’s made up of pieces collected over time—a tulip table from when we first got married, wishbone chairs, a bright pink rug that was once in my office. I love the pops of color, greenery and bohemian touches. Oh, and all the natural light! For me, a formal dining room has never been something I’ve wanted. I’ll take the big space, but you can leave the fancy China, crystal and fancy chandeliers for someone else. Dining to me is all about getting friends and family together for good food, exciting conversations and lots of laughter. Oh, and wine. Always wine!

Dining Tables

When I looked for inspiration for our current dining room and future dining rooms, I’m drawn to spaces that are inviting, comfortable, approachable and have no air of stuffiness. To me these modern, bohemian dining rooms all have that feeling I’m going for. I dream of a long wooden dining room table like this one and comfortable and beautiful chairs like these or these. What does your dream dining table and chair combo look like?

Eclectic Dining Chairs

What does your dream dining room look like? Do you have it yet?

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