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My Dry Skin Trick That’s Also Clearing My Skin

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I'm a mom of two boys living in Denver. The Fox & She is where I share my easy outfit ideas, style tips, beauty hacks and wellness tips for inspired, happier living—everyday.

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Just when I feel like I’m getting into a good routine with my skin, the weather changes, temperatures drop and my skin starts freaking out again. Typically I recommend finding a routine that works for you and sticking to it, but when the seasons change, our skin starts reacting differently, so it’s important to make tweaks here. I’m not saying you should totally change everything, simply adjust where you need to. For me, that means more moisture.

I can get away with wearing very little to no moisturizer during the day in the summer. It’s humid in Chicago and my skin just doesn’t need it. Too much moisture ends up causing me to break out, so I just skip that step when it’s warm outside. When it gets cool, it gets drier, so I add the moisturizer back into my routine.

Lately, I’ve been finding that my skin needs looks a parched and needs a little extra love and I have a super easy trick I wanted to share with you guys!

countermatch moisturizer review

[one-half-first]beautycounter balancing facial oil uses[/one-half-first]

[one-half]skin hydration tips[/one-half]

I add a drop or two of this balancing facial oil (which is great for balancing oil production for oily and breakout prone skin) to my favorite moisturizer for an extra hydrating boost! I’m also finding that adding the balancing oil is helping to clear my skin too—heck yes!!!

A quick note on this moisturizer if you’re wondering if it’s worth it because it is a little pricier than your typical everyday moisturizer. It’s lightweight, hydrating, goes on smooth, absorbs quickly and the coolest part is that it actually adjusts to your own skin’s moisture needs. Sounds crazy, but it seriously works! And, a little goes a long way, so it lasts a while—typically I only use a half pump, sometimes a full pump, and on average I’d say it lasts me about 2 months. Usually I can get away with using less though, especially if I mix in a couple of drops of the facial oil!

healthy skin for fall
clean beauty tips

If you’re not sure which facial oil is best for your skin. Here’s a quick break down. Balancing facial oil, which I use, is great for oily, breakout prone skin. It helps balance oil production and helps to clear breakouts and even skin tone! The Brightening facial oil is great for normal skin types. It’ll help to brighten and even your skin tone. Lastly, the Plumping facial oil is what I’d recommend to people who are have dry or aging skin. It helps with fine lines, elasticity and skin smoothing!

Within just a few days my skin was looking more awake, hydrated and actually smoother—I can thank the oil for that one!

tips for dry winter skin
casual fall outfit

I’ve also been putting a little extra eye cream on because the skin around my eyes has been looking extra tired—these cloudy dark mornings are making it hard to get up! I wrote a whole post about this eye cream last year and it still remains my favorite. It’s lightweight, can go under makeup and has caffeine in it to make your eyes look more awake–good for all you tired mamas, haha!

Does your skin change as the seasons shift? What changes do you make to your skincare routine when fall hits?

BTW, toxic skincare ingredients you should avoid.



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