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6 Ways to Find More Clarity Around your Business Idea

I'm a web designer, blogger, mom, wife and serial entrepreneur. I 'm sharing my best tips and advice or building a life and business you love.

I'm Blair Staky

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white living room to find more clarity

For the past few months, well, maybe even the past year, I’ve been searching for one major thing—how to find more clarity on what was next for me.

It’s been 5-6 years since I started blogging full-time and it’s been quite the experience. I’m lucky to be able to call this a career. It’s been so fun! I’ve gotten so many unique opportunities to work with brands and travel—stuff I would have never imagined I would get to do.

But, with two kids in the picture, I’ve found myself craving more and more time away from my phone and off of social media. But, with a career that’s rooted in social media and actually a lot less about the blog these days, that didn’t seem like an option.

Nonetheless, this ache for something different has been pulling at my heartstrings for so dang long.

But, what was that next thing?

For months, I’d been searching for it. I’ve had so many ideas, but after thinking about it for a bit, I’d get burnt out on my idea and it was back to the drawing board. What I really wanted was for some magical being to come say—this is what you’re supposed to do next! But, it’s never quite that simple, is it?

So, I dug in, did the work, and within a few weeks—the clarity had arrived! The thing I’d been waiting on for months, suddenly fell in my lap. I kept thinking, it was really there all along? I just had to get out of my own way to discover it.

If you’re like me and changing up your career or even starting your first business, I know how badly you want to feel that sense of confidence and calm in your business idea. You want to step into it with ease and grace—knowing this is the right path for you!

If you’ve been swinging from a place of confidence to complete and utter fear and doubt, then this post is for you. These 6 tips quite literally saved me the past few weeks and have given me a completely new fresh perspective on my career and what my purpose is in this space. What a blessing!

I want that for you too—that feeling of bliss knowing you are doing exactly what you’re meant to be doing. No more angst, confusion, fear or doubt. Just peace and focus so you can get on doing what you do best!

6 Ways to Find More Clarity Around your Business Idea

Know Your Strengths

Whenever you’re starting or transforming your business, it’s best to consider the things you know and the things you are good at. Grab a piece of paper and write down all the things you CAN DO. That doesn’t mean you will have to do all of them, but it’s a good place to start.

For me, a lot of my skills revolve around the blogging world, writing, photography, email marketing, design and art. So I jotted down all the things I could do in this next phase of my career.

I wrote down things like “be a ghost writer for other publications” and “offer product photography”—while these are two things I have no interest in doing, it really gets your wheels turning and reminds you that you really do have so much to offer. It’s the perfect confidence booster to get you started!


I’ve been meditating on and off for years—but up until recently, I’ve never been able to really make it a stable part of my routine. It wasn’t because I didn’t see benefits, in fact, it was the opposite! I’d meditate for a few days, feel so much better, then stop because, well, I felt good again. 

A few weeks ago, I got the urge to sit down and meditate. I had so much on my mind and needed to sit in silence and then brain dump everything I had on paper.

I woke up early, re-installed my meditation app (Headspace) because it’d been so long since my last meditation, and started with a series on change. It seemed fitting because I was craving change.

I couldn’t believe how sitting in silence for 10 minutes a day could crack me open. It can make me realize what was really possible for me. The crazy part? During all my meditations, I never felt super focused on my actual meditating. Honestly, my mind would wander constantly, but that’s all normal. One of the most recent ones I listened to talked about how you don’t have to be completely focused to gain insight and clarity. Just a moment of focus can give you what you need and I now full-heartedly believe that.

My mind runs so fast and this practice has helped me stay more focused because now I have that clarity! I know exactly what needs to happen next. It’s crazy, so just trust me and give it a try.


Right after I meditate, I journal. This is really where that moment of focus turns into real clarity. Words, thoughts, and ideas would literally pour out of me. I’d re-read my page and think—where on earth did this come from? I found myself understanding parts of myself and breaking old patterns that were not serving me. Even asking myself hard questions I used to avoid, knowing that the answer was already within me, and working through this would ultimately make me a better person on the other side.

The trick with journaling is to not overthink it. Just start writing, the first few sentences might feel weird, but then it just starts to flow. Sometimes they’re random and jump from thought to thought and end up on a different topic than where I started, but it’s always so therapeutic.

Within a few days, I had so much more clarity—finally! And, each day, I sit down excited to meditate and journal because I never know what’s going to come from it.

Know Your Why

I never understood why this was so important until I was bit older. Understanding why you are doing something can be the reason you make it, or give up. If you don’t have a strong why behind what you’re doing, then it’s easy to lose focus and struggle with decision making around your business.

So many of the business ideas I had that didn’t pan out were not backed by inspiration or service. They had no real why other than, “I need to make money”. And usually, that thought alone comes from a place of fear and lack that we don’t already have enough. That’s not enough to keep us going.

So, dig deep (hint, hint, meditating and journaling will help here!) and start considering why it is you do what you do. When you have a deep sense of connection to your purpose, others will feel that and it will pull them in too. When it’s lacking, people will feel that too. It’s worth the time and effort to sort this one out.

Know Who You Will Serve

This is really a business basic—know your audience! Who will you be serving? Where do they live, how old are they, what are their pain points? And, how can you help solve their problems? Early on, I found that branding my website business as “WordPress Design for the Stylish Blogger” skyrocketed my business. I knew exactly who I wanted to serve and how to help them, and they came flocking.

Having a motto or statement on your website of what exactly it is that you do is so beneficial. Of course you may end up serving people who aren’t that exactly. But you’re attracting the people that you want to serve by telling them straight—this is what I do!

Know Your Financial Goals

It’s not all about money. But money is a big part of running a business, and I’m going to guess that as an entrepreneur, you have some financial goals—hopefully big ones! It’s so important to get real with yourself about what you want to earn and what you need to earn to live.

As women, I think sometimes we just don’t want to talk about money, but I’m over that BS! Money makes the world go around, it allows us to live the lives we dream of and it’s 100% okay to voice what you want to earn, even if you feel that people will judge you if it’s high. Let it be high! As business owners, the sky is the limit, so don’t put limitations on yourself because of what others “think” you should earn.

I hope this post left you feeling inspired! Grab your journal and download Headspace. Then, give yourself the time and space to really dive deep and reflect on all these things. It’s worth it to dedicate the time to it. When I look back, I spent months in that space of fear. I grab onto whatever idea came into my head, while in just a few short weeks, I gained incredible clarity.

I still have a few things to hash out, but I am really excited to share everything I’ve been working on behind the scenes over here—stay tuned, and if you’re not already on my creative business list, you can join here!

BTW, how to receive signs from the Universe, and how to overcome imposter syndrome.