Slowing Down & Picking Up

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I’ll admit, the last few months I’ve felt like a real crazy woman. I’ve had far too many nights where I’m working until midnight than I care to admit and my yoga practice is pretty much down the tubes. I really underestimated how tough it is to have a full-time job and also plan your wedding and totally understand why people hire someone else to take care of all those little details. I’m also trying to plan for being gone for our honeymoon and get things organized before we leave.

But something changed at the beginning of this week! And suddenly I feel like I can see the light at the end of the long, late-night, exhaustion tunnel. It’s still not as close as I want it to be, but feeling like I’m nearing the launch of some new projects feels great. I’m also getting really caught up on wedding details, which is probably the biggest relief!

So while some things have slowed down in my life, a few things are really picking up, and I’m working on finding balance between the two!

On a side note, I realize that Oliver really doesn’t have anything to do with work or our wedding, but he’s cute and when I get run down, I start wishing that I could trade places with him for a day.

P.S. My 27th birthday is this week, and I’m sharing my exclusive birthday wish list in my newsletter today, if you haven’t signed up, do it now!

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