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Why You Absolutely Must Take Time For Yourself

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I’d be lying to you if I said that life’s been a breeze these past few months. After the launch of Wandeleur, and really before that too, things got super hectic. My schedule was booked up nearly all day every day leaving little time to workout or even just relax. I found myself getting so anxious about each morning and the long list of to-dos and decided this wasn’t a healthy way of living. I spent a little more time working hard to get caught up with Wandeleur, Blog Better and this blog and have made a point to get back into the habit of going to yoga and taking Oliver on longer lakeside walks that help clear my head.

While those have helped, the thing that’s been the biggest help lately it taking time to do something special for myself. What is that something special? A massage! It might seem like a luxury, but sometimes things like this are just what you need to thank your body for all it’s hard work.

A few weeks ago I had a 75-minute customized massage at FFC that incorporated Swedish, Deep Tissue, Mysofascial Release and sports massage methods along with a bit of aromatherapy. I came into the massage nearly in tears from a bad day and left feeling a million times better, calmer and more relaxed. My therapist was calm and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process.

In the days after the massage I continued to feel less stressed and more in control of my day to day life. It was much-needed and so helpful in reminding me just how much your mental and physical health overlap. Taking care of yourself is sometimes the hardest, but it’s really empowering to do something good for yourself, simply because you want to and when the benefits are as good as this, there’s really no excuse! So if you’ve been feeling stressed or overwhelmed lately, why not treat yourself? The awesome people at FFC will treat you well and I promise you’ll leave feeling like a whole new person!

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