Fresh Coat of Paint







Two weekends back, I finally tackled those blue side tables. I’d bought the paint weeks before, but it took me a while to finally pull out the tarp and get to painting. I chose a light grey called Cathedral Grey from Behr and I think this time I really hit it out of the park.

After sanding, well, faux-sanding with this de-glosser stuff, I waited the recommended 10 minutes, and then got to painting. I did two coats and the project start to finish only took me about 2 hours, not including the dry time. The toughest part was keeping Oliver away. He did end up with a bit of that cathedral grey on the top of his head and ears, but fortunately he didn’t try to lick it.

The following day was more exciting. With help from my roommate, I put them back in my room to see if the color change was worth my Saturday afternoon. The answer? ABSOLUTELY. The grey makes the whole room softer, more grown up and still a touch girly, but not little girlish. You feel me?

I’m really not a girly girl and I’ve thrown in a few pieces to man it up a bit — my favorite being my antlers above my bed. And okay, there’s actually not that many man pieces now that I look around, but I guess grey is manly, right?

The next step was restyling. Which ended up being more fun than expected! How do you feel about the way I styled it? I’m no pro, but Pinterest has been a huge help. I’m still working on the table that’s on the other side of the bed, it’s looking a bit sad right now, and my second lamp from Land of Nod hasn’t arrived, so the college Hobby Lobby lamp is standing in right now.

I was sooo happy with the project that it ended up kick starting a few of those other dormant projects that have been piling up in my office. This week I’m hoping to get some photos printed from our France/Belgium trip and fill those frames as well as paint a smaller test version of my abstract piece. Eeek, sorta nervous about the latter.

In other exciting news, my velvet fabric came in! Time to get these puppies recovered!

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