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Gift Guide: Kids & Babies

gift guide ideas for kids and babies

1. Lovevery Playkits & Block Set | 2. Playhouse | 3. 3-Pack of Baby Slippers | 4. Micro Mini Scooter | 5. Kids Bike Helmet | 6. Train Set | 7. Kids Cleaning Set | 8. Padded Parka | 9. Snowsuit | 10. Balance Bike | 11. 2-Piece Jersey Set | 12. Wooden Food Set | 13. Alphabet Puzzle | 14. Toddler Joggers | 15. Striped Sweater | 16. Dress & Tights | 17. Bodysuit 3-Pack | 18. Kyte Baby Sleep Sack

It was a close call, but you guys voted to see the kid’s gift guide first, and I’m so excited about this one! Owen is finally at the age where he really knows what’s going on, and we’re going to be spending our first Christmas at our own home.

That right there makes me so so happy!

Gift Guide: Kids & Babies

I included a bunch of different items in this gift guide—toys and clothes, so a bit of fun and a bit of necessity, haha! A few items I’m really looking at getting for our boys are this playhouse—I can just see both of them playing in here for years to come. We’re hoping to get our basement finished by early next year and this will be perfect down there!

Another gift I highly recommend is Lovevery playkits and some of their other toys. Owen is getting this block set for his birthday tomorrow! He always talks about blocks from school and this one looks so cool! I can’t wait to see his face when he opens it! We loved all the playkits we got for him when he was little and they are still some of his favorite toys.

Owen also loves his scooter and surprisingly loves getting new clothes too. Plus, he’s constantly outgrowing stuff!

I can’t wait to wake up in our own home with my little family on Christmas morning! What are you planning to do this holiday season?!

BTW, gift ideas for her, and affordable holiday decor.



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