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Holiday Decor I Recently Bought

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I'm Blair Staky

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living room and stairs decorated with Holiday Decor I Recently Bought
Image via

Normally, I am fully in the “wait until Thanksgiving is over to decorate for Christmas” camp, but for some reason, this year, I’m feeling differently. Maybe it’s because we’re so deep into pandemic life and I want to find any excuse to bring more joy into my life, or maybe, I’m just getting older and sappy remembering how special the Christmas season was as a child. I want the same spark of joy and happiness that I felt for my own kids.

And, maybe I’m just getting less pessimistic in my older age (okay, I’m only 34, ha!) and say do whatever makes you happy, and right now, decorating early for the holidays feel GOOD!

Last year, I didn’t do much because we had a baby and had just moved. I’d spent so much money on furnishing our place that the last thing I wanted to do was to spend more on decor. But, this year, I’m ready to take it up a notch. I only have two small boxes of holiday decor from when we lived in Chicago and it just doesn’t stretch as far when you’re in a house.

I polled you guys on your favorite places to get garlands, and ended up grabbing some goodies at Target. Other favorites were: Anthropologie, Terrain, Balsam Hill, Frontgate, Hobby Lobby & Costco. I took a look at several of them and almost grabbed one from Anthropologie, but they were definitely a bit pricer and since I needed several, I decided Target was perfect!

My plan is to hang two the of the XL garlands down our front staircase and tie them up with velvet ribbon that I snagged on Amazon, I wanted a pretty mustard color after seeing this image, but had trouble finding it, so I ordered the Copper, Rosy Mauve and Rust color—whatever I don’t use will be used for wrapping gifts.

The other two shorter garlands will go on our front mantle and I’ll pop some little Christmas trees in there too! Maybe I’ll grab some candles to go in there as well—we’ll see how it all looks once it’s here.

One thing I will wait on is our Christmas tree. We love getting a real tree and I don’t want it to totally dry up before Christmas day. I think the kids, especially Owen, are going to love the extra festive feels around the house. I’m so excited to start making the holidays a really special and magical time for them.

Holiday Decor I Recently Bought

wooden Christmas tree from Holiday Decor I Recently Bought

Wooden Christmas Tree

I also got these light wood trees for some contrast—I bought both sizes!

XL Garland from Target from Holiday Decor I Recently Bought

XL Spruce Garland

I bought two of these faux beauties to hang on our banister! I will be hanging these up immediately! Tip for if you still want it to feel like Thanksgiving—use copper, rust and orange ribbons instead of red!

metal Christmas tree decor from Holiday Decor I Recently Bought

Metal Christmas Tree Decor

I bought a few Christmas trees to put on our mantle and hope to keep collecting different ones over the years.

star Christmas topper

Star Christmas Topper

Every year, I remember that we do not have a topper for our tree and every year, I can’t find one. I saw this one and snagged it!

Cone Wooden Tree

Modern Wood Tree

To mix up my trees, I snagged these more modern, cone-like ones as well. I love the mix of colors and designs and think they’re going to look so cute!

Faux Spruce Garland

Faux Spruce Garland

I also grabbed two of these to go across our mantle. I can’t wait to sit in my living room and have a glass of wine with some candles going and this set-up to look at it.

Velvet Ribbon for holiday decorating

Velvet Ribbon

Lastly, I found some affordable velvet ribbon in a few different colors to tie bows down my mantle. I’ll probably add a bow to our front wreath too!

BTW, 12 unexpected holiday desserts, and gift ideas for her.