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How to Find a Workout Routine You’ll Actually Stick To

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Welcome to The Fox & She where I share healthy recipes, attainable wellness for moms and my favorite beauty hacks.

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Who else is guilty of getting on a workout kick where you set huge goals for yourself, like working out 5x this week?! Then, two or three days in you’re exhausted, you had a bad day at work or your kid got sick and couldn’t go to school. Suddenly, there’s a kink in your big plans and before you know it, you throw in the towel and don’t go to the gym or get your body moving the rest of the week.

Two weeks go by and you realize—holy cow, I still haven’t been back! If I’m being 100% honest, this is my life, a lot! I need accountability and motivation to get to the gym, but overtime, I’ve found a few things that have helped me maintain a workout routine that I actually look forward to and stick to! Every week varies a bit, that’s just part of being a mom, but these tips can help you nail down a workout routine that makes you feel good and keeps you coming back.

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Do What You Like

This is my number one tip for getting on a good workout routine. If you hate running (me too!), then don’t say you’re going to go for a 5-mile run every other morning! If you hate doing it, you’ll never look forward to it and eventually you’ll give up. Finding workouts that you enjoy is the best way to keep you motivated. If you’re not really sure what you like, take a month to do a class at several different types of studios or gyms to get a better idea of what workouts really keep you motivated, work for your body and are something you look forward to doing!

Dress the Part

They say you have to look good to feel good and I think that totally true when it comes to working out. If you show up in a ratty old college t-shirt, you’re not going to workout as hard as if you feel good about how your activewear looks and feels on your body.

Nordstrom is my go-to spot for activewear because they have a bunch of different brands like Nike, Adidas and Zella—my top 3 favorites! You can even use their new Style Boards service and have a stylist pull activewear looks for you and send them straight to your phone—how handy is that?! There’s no obligation to buy and makes the whole shopping experience easier which is great if you’re like me and find that shopping gets pushed to the back burner while you wrangle your children.

Another awesome feature of Nordstrom? Free shipping and returns!

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Make it Accessible

The easier it is to get to your workout, the better. Maybe that means heading out the door and going for a long walk or run. Or joining the gym or yoga studio right next to your office. And let’s get real—now days you don’t even have to go to a gym or studio! With amazing apps like Sweat (BBG) or Tone it Up, you have a personal trainer on your phone for a fraction of the cost of a gym membership. The gym we go to is only a 5 minute drive from our house AND they have childcare, which makes it so easy that I have no excuse to not go! My yoga studio is two blocks away too.

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Don’t Overdo It

It’s easy to set big goals like working out everyday when you’re feeling fired up, but if you have a job or a family, working out every single day might not be realistic and that’s perfectly fine! I find that if I overdo it, I burn out, so I stick to a more reasonable schedule that makes me feel like I have more balance while also doing something good for my body. It’s also important to note that your body needs rest! Make sure to schedule at least one day of rest in there. If you’re someone who needs to workout everyday, go for a long walk or hike on your rest day. You’ll still get your heart rate up, but these activities are more relaxing than a HIIT class!


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Be Flexible

Somedays go sideways, that’s life. I actually suggest that you really try to get in your workout on days that feel hectic or stressful, because it’s such a good release. I always feel so much better after I’ve worked out on a bad day. But, if you can’t get yourself there, it’s okay! Give yourself a little grace, no one is perfect! Instead, just go the next day! My trainer also said that if you don’t get to the gym to do 20 push-ups everyday. I’ve been doing them for the past 4 days and each gets a little easier and ends up motivating me to do some squats or get out for a walk with Owen and Oliver. Little steps add up to big things!

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Keep it Varied

I love yoga and for a year I went to yoga 3-4x every single week. Before I knew it, I was burned out, I felt like I was in a rut. The same feeling of peace that I got when I first started going to yoga was gone. Instead, I felt like I was just going through the motions. I was bored and eventually I just stopped going all together.

I’ve since picked yoga back up, because I really do love it so much! But, to keep myself from getting burned out, I make sure my workout schedule is varied. Switching things up is good for your brain and good for your body since different workouts will target different muscles. I’ll go to yoga 1-2x a week (okay, 2x is RARE), strength train with my trainer once a week, walk as much as I can and do those push-ups when I’m at home. Thankfully, with a baby and a dog, walking is an inevitable part of my day!

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Find Community or Accountability Partners

Working out shouldn’t be super serious all the time. I find that if there’s a social element to it, it can be far more enjoyable! A lot of the apps out there have great communities and support systems built in. Call a friend who also has similar goals to you and keep each other accountable. Make plans to go to classes together and grab a juice after!

This is something I’m still missing, but would love if I had a friend to go to yoga with twice a week! It’s nice to have that social element to working out too, I think it makes it more fun! Since I don’t have that, I have a trainer once a week which keeps me accountable and forces me to show up, even when I’d rather stay in my pajamas!

What workouts do you love? What tips do you have for sticking to a workout routine?!

Thanks to Nordstrom, a brand I love and trust, for sponsoring this post! Partnerships like this make The Fox & She possible!

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