How to Get Paid For Your Content

One question that is constantly asked in blogging is how to get paid for your content, so today we’re talking just that. There are so many different ways to do this, whether it’s advertising, sponsored content, affiliate linksor product sales (from a product you’ve created), it’s important to find out what works best for your blog and make it work for you.

Most bloggers I know, including myself, use all of these methods, but not everything will work great for every blogger. Some girls do incredibly well using affiliate links and some don’t. You can have a ton of traffic, but if you’re readers are on a budget or love to read your blog for inspiration, you might not make that much money from affiliate links. I find that affiliate links work best when I’m featuring content that is currently available online and within the price range that my readers typically buy within (this will be different for everyone).

If you’re readers come to your site because of your great content, working more sponsored content into your site might just be your key to making a decent income from your blog. Personally, I love doing sponsored content the most. It allows me to be creative and find a unique way to share a product or point of view with my readers in a way they may not have thought about using it. They’re usually a flat fee and for me, the guaranteed pay check is more of an incentive to do a really great job on a post since I’m not guaranteed anyone will buy the product through affiliate links.

How to Get Paid For Your Blog Content — via @TheFoxandShe

So, how do you get these type of sponsored post collaborations? There a lot of different ways and I won’t be able to cover them all (nor do I know about all of them), so let’s talk about a few of what I’m calling ‘collaboration networks’.

Invitation Only Networks

Some collaboration networks are invitation only and typically these are highly sought after because they can offer more because they hand-select the people they want to be a part of their network. A lot of them also offer several ways to partner with you through collaborations, advertising and content sharing (sometimes some options are optional). Typically their advertisements pay a higher CPM than Google’s AdSense or similar networks. A few of these are Stylelist, Federated Media and Mode Media.

There are also several netwoks out there where you can apply. Once you’re accepted, you typically have to apply to each campaign individually, but it can open you up to a whole bunch of brands to work with. Typically these collaborations are paid, but not always, and offer a flat fee that ranges anywhere from $25 and up. The fees are based off of your traffic and social following. A few of these are Clever Girls and Collectively. There’s plenty more out there, but these are two of used and been happy with.

What do you think about collaborations and sponsored posts? Do you have any more resources you want to share? Leave them below!

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