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How to Hang Curtains Correctly + The Ones We Love

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How to hang curtains correctly, plus the best affordable curtains and rods.

A few weeks, I finally hung the curtains in our living room! It only took me about an hour, but it made all the difference in how the room looks. It now feels bigger, softer and more inviting.

Our house was built in 1926 and has low ceilings, between 8-9 feet, so if there’s anything I can do to make the rooms feel bigger, you bet I’m doing it.

I was blown away by how much taller the ceilings look and how much bigger the room feels after hanging them. I also think that curtains add such softness to any room and make it feel cozier.

How to Hang Curtains Correctly

The trick with hanging curtains is to hang them high and wide!

When you hang them just above the top and sides of the window, you end up making the window look smaller, and who wants that? By hanging them higher than the window, almost to the ceiling in my case, and to the outside of the windows, they look so much bigger and grander!

This image here is a perfect visual of how the same window can look bigger or smaller, simply depending how the curtains are hung.

I’d also suggest getting curtains that go all the way to the ground, personally Im not a fan of the half curtain. To me, those also make the windows feel smaller and cramped.

So, final notes on how to hang the curtains correctly—high, wide and long!

My Favorite Curtains & Rods

Sheer Curtains

These sheer curtains are perfect for living rooms or dining rooms—anywhere that you want to add some softness, but room darkening isn’t a factor.

I used these in our living room and don’t plan on ever closing them, they’re just there for looks! They’re lightweight, sheer and hang so nicely. They come 2 in a set and are a great price! I have them in beige, but they come in so many colors.

Curtain Rings

I used these curtain rings in our living room curtains. They make them hang so beautifully and were such an easy addition. I highly recommend them!

Curtain Rods

I bought these and these. They look almost identical, but I found that this brand was just a tiny bit easier to install and actually a little stronger too. They come in gold, brass, black and silver.

Room Darkening Curtains

We got these room darkening curtains for Jack’s room and they are beautiful! They are thick and sturdy and do a great job of darkening his room. They are not completely blackout though!

Velvet Curtains

I have these bookmarked for Owen’s room! It’s the same brand as the room darkening curtains and I know the quality is great. I don’t know for sure, but I’d bet that velvet does a great job of blocking out light too.

BTW, how to make your cheap throw pillows look expensive, and affordable fall decor refresh.



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