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How to Wear a Sequin Skirt



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how to wear a sequin skirt

I still can’t believe that Christmas is one week away! We’re heading to Denver later this week for about 6 days and I can’t wait to just relax, hang out with family and take a break from work and social media for a bit.

We have a few family get-togethers while we’re there and I’m considering bringing my sequin skirt again (though it might be a little dressy for the occasion, ha!), but if not, it’s perfect for NYE too, so if you have plans for that night and don’t know what to wear, read on for a few different ways to style this fun sparkly pieces for special occasions during the holidays!

Sequin Skirt Styles

First thing’s first, what kind of sequin skirt do you want to wear? I found that there are 3 styles that are pretty common—the midi skirt, the mini skirt and the a-line skirt. Out of those, I found so many more options for the first two.

I personally love the midi length best. It’s a little more conservative, chic and grown-up looking, which means it’s more versatile. You can wear it to a fancy holiday party or one that’s more casual depending on how you style it. I wore mine to Rob’s holiday party with a chenille sweater and felt that I was the perfect mix of festive, stylish and appropriate for a work event.

I love a good sequined mini skirt as well, but for me, I’d reserve this for parties with friends or NYE (or even a trip to Vegas!) since it shows more leg and deserves to be at a killer party.

Lastly, the A-Line skirt! I only could find a few of these, but they’re really pretty. Definitely more conservative and more feminine, so if that’s your style, this one is gorgeous!

So, like I mentioned, I personally love the midi length or knee length sequin skirt the best. Which is good, because there are so many different options for different styles, sequin size and slightly differing lengths. I also love the colored sequin skirt options. Here are a few more of my favorite midi styles.

How to Wear a Sequin Skirt 3 Ways

I found this gorgeous silver sequin skirt at Evereve and really love how classic it is in terms of sparkly pieces! The sequins are pretty small, and the shape is so pretty. It does have a slit, but it doesn’t go up too high and it slightly turns out just the littlest bit at the bottom which gives it such a fun shape and makes it easy to walk in (I hate when pencil skirts are so tight you can barely move your knees). It’s also slightly high waisted, which I love because I think it’s really flattering. Okay, so now onto styling it!

Plaid Shirt & Sequin Skirt

plaid shirt and sequin skirt

This combo of plaid and sequins is seriously just so fun! I’d wear it to a more casual affair since the plaid shirt isn’t very dressy. Maybe a friend’s holiday party or for a festive Christmas Eve! Chances of you having a cute plaid shirt in your closet (here’s mine) already are also high, but if not, here are a few that I love and that would look super cute!

Since there’s a lot of pattern and textures happening in this look, I keep my accessories to a minimum. If I wear earrings, I stick to subtle studs and simple black heels or closed toe pumps.

Another casual way to wear this would be with a chambray shirt and some statement earrings! A chambray shirt would look really pretty with a black sequined pencil skirt if you want something different than silver!

Moto Jacket, Black Shirt & Sequin Skirt

moto jacket outfit

I don’t know if I’d classify my style as edgy, but every once and a while, I do like to look a little edgy! Makes a mama feel alive, ya know? For this look, I paired a simple black turtleneck underneath a faux leather jacket and paired with with ankle booties. Any black blouse would work though, just stick to something that simple and clean. Sock booties would also be so perfect with this look, but sadly, I do not own a pair.

White Sweater & Sequin Skirt

sequin skirt outfit

This look might be one of my favorites. It’s simple, classic and chances are you might even have a simple white cashmere sweater in your closet already. Technically mine is just slightly off-white, but I love the warmth that color brings to the overall look. Since this look is the most simple, you can easily pair it with some bold, statement heels if you’ve got them, or keep it simple with simple black pumps or sandals. If you go with a simple shoe, add some color or additional sparkle with statement earrings or a bold clutch—I love this leopard one.

Since a white sweater is so simple, this would also look really pretty with a gold sequin skirt!

Velvet Tank & Sequin Skirt

velvet top and sequin skirt

Lastly, I paired a velvet tank with my sequin skirt. This is a quintessential holiday look! I love velvet this time of year and love this color, though this exact top comes in many other colors that are stunning. You’ll definitely need to wear a coat over this one because you’ll be chilly! Here, I’m wearing a camel coat. This exact one is sold out, but I love this one and this one. Add some sparkly earrings and a cute clutch and you’re party ready!

Do’s & Don’ts For Styling Sequins

Do: Add additional sparkle with earrings!

Do: Pair statement shoes with a sequins skirt and simple top. If there’s anytime of year to wear bold shoes and sequins are acceptable during the holidays!

Do: Stick to the less is more approach!

Don’t: Wear a sequin skirt to work, unless your job calls for it. It’s definitely too much for work, but the work holiday party? Go for it! Just make sure your top is conservative enough for your workplace.

Don’t: Overdo it—sequins can easily take you back to the 80s or make you look like Sequins are bold, so I like to stick with more subtle pieces when I pair it, a simple top and some brightly colored shoes would be – then share a few quick do’s and don’ts for wearing and styling sequins.

I still can’t believe we’re so close to Christmas and New Year’s Eve! What parties or special occasions do you have coming up that would call for sequins?!

BTW, 2 festive ways to dress for the season, and.

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