Last Minute Gift Ideas, My Wishlist & Favorite Things

holiday gift guide for women

1. ReNew Fleece Sweatshirt | 2. Allbirds Wool Sneakers | 3. Dyson Hairdryer (refurbished version here) | 4. High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans | 5. Beyond Yoga Leggings | 6. Lululemon Socks | 7. Lipstick in 9 to 5 (also love First Date & Girl’s Night shades) | 8. Sleeping Bag Puffer | 9. Jenni Kayne Mules | 10. Gua Sha Facial Sculpting Tool | 11. Classic Eyeshadow Palette | 12. Cocoon Coat | 13. Mercer Sweater | 14. Golden Goose Sneakers | 15. Leather Travel Sets

For whatever reason, I can never think of anything I want for Christmas until about a week or two before. I think it’s partially that during Black Friday I’m so consumed with creating gift guides and coming up with ideas for you guys, that I don’t even take a second to think about something I actually want. I mean, yes, everything on those lists I LOVE, but they’re not necessarily something I need right now.

Anyway, last night, I finally came up with a couple of things that I really want and thought it’d be fun to do one last gift guide of sorts for anyone else who has waited until the last second to think about themselves. I included a few items on my wishlist (I could only come up with 3, ha!) and a few of my favorite things I currently own in case you’re still trying to come up with ideas too.

Why I Love These

1. ReNew Fleece Sweatshirt: I wear this sweatshirt at least 1x a week, if not more! It’s a great casual, but cute top and is cozy, soft and warm. I have it in a small, but if you want a more over sized fit, I’d go with a medium!

2. Allbirds Wool Sneakers: The BEST sneakers in my opinion. I don’t work out in these, but they’re the best for running errands, going on walks, traveling, living life, ya know—everything in between! They run TTS and do fit a little tighter at first, but will give with a few wears.

3. Dyson Hairdryer (refurbished version here): ON MY LIST! The hairdryer I have now is fine, but not great. Since I color my hair, I’m more concerned about heat damage than I was a few years ago, and the Dyson has lower heat and cuts down on dry time! I sent Rob the link for the refurbished one because everything I’ve bought refurbished from Dyson is basically 100% new!

4. High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans: I have so many pairs of jeans, but I wear my skinny jeans the most. I got this pair this year and love the distressed knees on them. So cute, and such a good pair you’ll have for years.

5. Beyond Yoga Leggings: I know people RAVE about the Lululemon Align pants, and admittedly, I haven’t tried them, but Beyond Yoga is far and away my favorite leggings. They hold their stretch, aren’t see through and are really soft. They’re just as good for hanging out at home as they are for yoga or barre. I wear a small, and I can fit into the XS, but always feel like they’re too tight. So, I’d say they run TTS!

6. Lululemon Socks: This might seem totally random, but guys, these socks are life-changing. I bought myself 6 new pairs a few months ago because they’re the only ones I wear. The have a little sticky thing in the back so that they stay on your heels.

7. Lipstick in 9 to 5 : A small gift, but would be so great for girlfriends or as a stocking stuffer extra! And, a really awesome stocking stuffer!

8. Sleeping Bag Puffer: You guys have LOVED this jacket and for good reason. It’s really cute for a puffer and also really warm! It was just restocked in the XS and S too, so snag it before it’s gone again! I have it in an XS as it runs big.

9. Jenni Kayne Mules: Simply put, the best, most comfortable mules that get so much use. Worth every penny!

10. Gua Sha Facial Sculpting Tool: ON MY LIST! A small gift that would be perfect for a stocking stuffer or for anyone who loves wellness and skincare. I adored mine, and then I accidentally dropped it and it shattered! It does wonders for puffiness and aids in lymphatic drainage—plus, it feels really relaxing!

11. Classic Eyeshadow Palette: My all-time favorite palette! So classic and would be such a fun, unexpected gift for any girl who loves makeup!

12. Cocoon Coat: If you need one coat, get this one. It’s warm, so beautiful and classic. They’ve made this same style for years and there’s good reason for it—it’s timeless!

13. Mercer Sweater: You may have noticed that I wore this in my last two Instagram posts and you’ll probably see it again soon. It’s so soft and cozy, has the perfect turtleneck and is one of my favorite sweaters I’ve bought this year! I’m wearing a small.

14. Golden Goose Sneakers: I’ve had some people say, I just don’t get it? An expensive pair of beat-up sneakers?! That’s fine! You don’t have to get it, but for me, here’s why I love them. I wear sneakers almost every single day. They’re comfortable and they’re my style (love all distressed denim, so this is up my alley). I also love the wedge heel in them that makes your legs look longer and feet somehow look smaller (size 8.5-9 over here). At the end of the day, they make ME feel cool and confident and that’s what matters when you’re wearing something!

15. Leather Travel Sets: I’ve had mine for years and they are one of my favorite things EVER. Great for travel, but also great for everyday use. I just keep my makeup in there at all times. They’re chic, classic and you can have them monogrammed with pretty gold letters!

16. AirPods: Accidentally forget to add these last two to my collage, whoops! But, AirPods are the best! I got a pair from Rob for my birthday and I use them every single day. It’s especially great if you have kids because the cords from headphones are so annoying. Plus, I don’t have to have my phone on my body while I’m chatting!

17. Yeti Mug: ON MY LIST! I almost bought this for myself the other day, but then told Rob about it instead. I’m the worst about drinking my coffee before it gets cold and I love that this one is a mug and not a travel cup. Again, another great stocking stuffer!

I hope that helps for anyone who’s still looking for ideas! I have more gift guides here if you need more inspo, and don’t forget, shipping deadlines start happening next week, so the earlier you order, the better!

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