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Hazel Sweater, the color & poms are what sold me! I’m wearing a small | Vintage Reworked Skirt, I’m pumped the denim skirt is back! this one is long enough for mom life and will look cute with over the knee boots as it gets colder | Lash Heel, surprisingly comfortable and so cute with jeans too | Round Sunglasses, I love the retro shape of these

It’s Friday! And, is it just me or is this month flying by? I’m finally feeling more like myself and now that the temperatures are cooling off, I’ve found that I’m in a great mood all the time! It’s been a long time since I gave you guys a thorough update on what’s been going on behind the scenes lately, so here goes!

Visited Atlanta

We went to Atlanta for a wedding, but most of the weekend was spent with family! My sister, Katherine, and her husband, Powell, live there so we stayed with them all weekend except for one night for the wedding in Dahlonega. My sister is so tidy and organized and spending the whole weekend at her house left me feeling so calm. When I got home, all I could see was all the junk in ours! It sparked me to do some tidying of my own as you may have seen on Instagram (eek, our place was a bomb!). My goal is to get everything totally organized and cozy so that we can fully enjoy it through fall and winter.

My sister’s biggest tip? Put things back where they go after you use them. In theory, this is great, but like I told Kat, the problem is that half the stuff in our place doesn’t have a place since we don’t have much storage. Anyway, I think it’s time for another major purge—stay tuned for updates in my Poshmark shop (my products have a little frame with my logo in them) and some furniture sales!

I shared a big post on the living room updates we’re making and what we still have to do in this post!

LTK Book Launch—I’m in it!

As you might know from Instagram, NY Fashion Week started last week and wraps up today (I think). I’ve never been to fashion week, mostly because it intimidates me—I’m not a high fashion blogger and just never felt like it was for me. I know there are lots of brands that I wear that are there though, so maybe I’ll go some year in the future! Anyway, during Fashion Week, launched their book, “Stories from the Influencer Next Door,” and I’m beyond honored to have been included in it. There are so many incredibly talented and inspirational women and men in there that I’ve looked up to for years and I’m still pinching myself that I’m in it too! I share how I got started, my biggest piece of advice and my favorite quote and what it means to me. It was so cool to read others’ stories on how they got started and what it’s done for their careers and families. Truly amazing to see what blogging has become over the years. If you want to pick up a copy, you can order it here. It’s a gorgeous book and will look great on a coffee table or bookshelf too!

Why Summer Was Hard

Okay, this chunk of this post might be long. Summer was kind of rough for me. The short story? I just didn’t feel like myself. But, here’s the long story, in case you’re interested.

Looking back, I’m now realizing, it was worse than I realized in the moment. Sometime around the end of June, I started feeling really really tired again. Getting up in the morning was a struggle, I felt foggy all day and I wasn’t sleeping well at night either. I was so frustrated since I’d spent the past 4 months building my body back up and finally felt like I was in a good place, but then boom, it hit like a freight train. Strangely enough, it was all coincided with the return of my period post-baby (sorry if that was TMI, just trying to keep it real). I’m not sure if that had anything to do with it, but in case you’re a new mom and the same thing happened to you, maybe it’s not totally weird?!

I think a big part of me didn’t want to admit that I was feeling worse, I mean, after all, I was doing all the right things, I should feel good! But, I wasn’t, and it started overflowing into every area of my life. Seeing friends, going out and even taking care of Owen all day felt like such a struggle. It also took a major toll on my creativity. For about a month and a half (maybe longer), I legitimately HATED blogging. I was dreaming up other things I could do for work instead because it felt like such a drain on my energy and creativity. Which sucked, because I actually really do like what I do (and thankfully, I’m feeling much better about it now!).

The biggest struggle for my blog, was the content. As you guys know, I’m super passionate about wellness and clean beauty, but I still love sharing motherhood and style content and some days I feel like I’m all over the place. Maybe it doesn’t appear that way, and maybe it doesn’t really matter, but for whatever reason, I was really struggling with what “type” of blogger I was, which is dumb, but this is what happens when you work alone!

I scheduled more work dates and more time to unwind and hang out with friends in a non-work environment and it made a world of difference. It’s easy for me to forget how important real live human interaction can be, but man, it’s a real good thing guys. So, put down your phone and go hang out with a friend!

Anyway,I’m rambling, but now that I’m starting to regain my energy, my creativity has come flowing back and I’m so excited about all of the content that’s coming up this month—style, honest motherhood content, wellness and clean beauty! It feels good to be motivated and excited about work again! Thakns for all your style post suggestions, I’m SO excited about sharing more posts on how to wear the same pieces over and over again!

Health Update

Another part of the summer months being such a low point was my health. Like I said, I was suddenly really fatigued again and then my blood work came back showing some less than optimal things that really really bummed me out. For most of August, I moped around. I felt hopeless and my doctor had not left me feeling very positive. My second visit with her was even worse, and I was so upset when I left that I cried the whole bike ride home (which was probably not the safest). Over the next few days, I just cried off and on and felt so blah.

This is when I had a big ah-ha moment.

I had started praying that I’d feel better just so I didn’t have to go back to that specific doctor. I hated the way she made me feel. She made me feel like all of the good things I was doing for myself were pointless or not good enough. Stress plays such a huge part in our health, and so does our attitude and outlook. It might sound crazy, but an attitude adjustment and removing stress from your life where you can will make a HUGE difference in how you feel! Anyway, I decided this situation was just not serving me anymore.

I called my mom, told her the situation and she immediately was like, “Blair, get a new doctor”. So, I got off the phone, got a recommendation and switched doctors that day. As soon as it was done, I started crying again, but this time, it was tears of relief. Within a week, I started feeling so much better. How crazy is that?

I haven’t gone to see the new doctor yet, but knowing that I made that huge step for myself and for my mental health was HUGE. And since then, I’ve been feeling more positive, less worried and more in control.

So, I’ll leave you with this: do not let ANYONE make you feel less than. You are amazing, and strong and you know your body best. Especially when it comes to your health, if you don’t feel like something is right, get a second opinion, or even a third. Your health and sanity is worth it. Just because your doctor is a doctor does not mean they have the final say! Making this change was so empowering for me and I feel like it’s set me on a better track for a healthier me.

Upcoming Travel

We didn’t travel much this summer, mostly because Chicago is so beautiful that we don’t like to leave, but our travel schedule is starting to fill up. Next week, I’m heading to Dallas for a few days with Owen because I miss my parents and want to spend a few days with them. The following weekend we’re heading to Denver to see Rob’s family!

In October, we’re heading to Arkansas to visit Rob’s grandparents who haven’t met Owen yet!

Right before Thanksgiving, we’re going to South America sans Owen. He’ll be staying with my parents for a week and Rob and I are going on our first trip together post-baby and I’m really excited to spend time together. We’re still deciding between Colombia and Peru, but I think Colombia is going to win. I’d love any suggestions if you’ve been!!

Mom Life

Our nanny is a college student and her semester just started, so we’re getting used to a new weekly schedule. I’m now home all day on Monday and I thought it was going to make me stressed out, but I ended up loving it. I got a ton of stuff done around the house which made the rest of my week super productive. With Owen getting bigger and busier, it’s been more fun to spend time with him! We go to the park to play, “talk”, and play around the house! Watching him grow is only getting better and better!

His nap schedule is also shifting. I swear, as soon as you get comfortable with one schedule, they’re like, nope! Not into this mom! He’s up longer in the morning so his first nap is now around 9:30-11:00/30 and then he stays up until around 2 and naps again for an hour and a half or two hours. Before switching his schedule up, he was only taking hour long naps and was so grumpy! He also wasn’t sleeping as long at night.

Now he sleeps about 3-4 hours during the day and then a solid 12 or more hours at night. It’s not quite as bright in the mornings now either and I gotta think that helps him sleep longer!

Upcoming Projects

Last week I asked what you guys wanted to see with style posts and the majority of you said capsule wardrobe or how to wear the same piece multiple ways. In my mind, those kind of fall into the same category. Basically, less pieces, more ways to wear them! So, I’m doing a lot of that this month—I hope that it’s helpful, so stay tuned as the first installment kicks off next week!
That was a long one, but I think it’d been a while since I wrote one of these life lately posts, or even felt motivated to! Have a happy happy weekend peeps!

BTW, my tips for traveling solo with your baby, and how are you, really?

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