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Life Lately: Self-Quarantine Edition

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I'm a mom of two boys living in Denver. The Fox & She is where I share my easy outfit ideas, style tips, beauty hacks and wellness tips for inspired, happier living—everyday.

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Hiiii! How are you doing? Like, really? It’s been a doozy of a week, hasn’t it? I think I run the full spectrum of emotions every single day. I’ve swayed from overwhelmed and terrified about the unknown, to incredibly calm, grateful and at peace with all the wonderful things I do have in my life. My family, my sweet baby boy, my friends, my family, this community and our health—all such wonderful things!

It’s so easy to get caught up in the stats and the media, and if that stuff is stressing you out, here’s my tip. STOP LOOKING AT IT! I know it’s impossible to avoid completely, but on Wednesday, I didn’t allow myself to look at any news site and limited my consumption of social media. By the end of the day, I felt pretty good.

One thing I just keep hanging onto is that this is TEMPORARY. It will pass, and some areas are already coming out positively on the other side and that keeps me so hopeful for everything!

So, on that note, here’s what life has looked like around here for the past week in quarantine!

Morning Coffee Walks

One of the toughest things about being stuck inside with a toddler is jsut that—being stuck inside and not being able to fully explain why we can’t go to the park or see our friends.

Each morning, we’ve been getting out for a family walk. Oliver has to go out anyway, so it’s a good excuse for us all to get outside and get some fresh air! Owen gets to scooter, we grab a coffee and are able to support one of our favorite local spots and everyone is happy!

A New Morning Routine

Mornings have been infinitely slower, more relaxed and surprisingly fun! I thought I’d be stressing about not being able to get work done, but I just haven’t been too worried about it. And, if I’m being honest, for the first 4 days, I was really struggling to write or share anything at all.

We have breakfast as a family and then Owen and I start our day and Rob hides upstairs in our bedroom to work. I’ve dubbed my school, “School of Blair,” haha! Owen’s teachers shared their lesson plan, songs and ideas with us and we’ve been having a really good time! I also find that the routine has kept him so much more calm, happy and agreeable!

Hanging With Owen

Duhhhh, that is what most of this week has been made up of and I’m loving it! Some of our favorite activities we’ve been doing and that have been keeping him focused and happy are:

Kinetic Sand

No joke, Owen played with this kinetic sand kit quietly at the table for an hour, and then again that afternoon for another 30 minutes. If I had known this stuff was going to be this big of a hit, I would have opened the box earlier!

We pulled it out again yesterday morning and he played with for another half hour. It is a little messy, but it was quick to vacuum up the pieces I couldn’t pick up.

Watercolor Painting

On our one sunny day this week, we hung out on our patio a lot. Admittedly, Owen was more interested in dipping the brush into the water and paints and less concerned with getting the paint on the paper, but I also painted and it was really relaxing! I totally get those adult coloring books now.

Days, Months & Weather

This is just a small part of our new morning routine, but Owen really loves it! We talk about the month, and then count up from 1 to the date it is, then we look outside and talk about the weather. It’s fun and interactive—then, we do circle time and read books like he would at school. It’s small, but it adds a little bit of normalcy and routine to his day.


I’ve actually been proud of myself that we haven’t watched too much TV, but I’m getting more lenient with my no screen time rule, haha! He absolutely loved some show we turned on called “Stinky and Dirty” on Amazon Prime.

He was laughing so hard I literally looked over to see if Rob was tickling him on the couch—nope! We also watched Secret Life of Pets 2, which kind of scared him, and you guessed it—CARS!. Really trying to breakaway from ours Cars obsession—mostly for Rob and I’s sake, but sometimes you just gotta do what’ easiest.

Getting Outside

We can only do so much right now, but getting out to ride the scooter or just go for a walk and talk about the plants (that are finally blooming!). We went to a basketball court as a family earlier this week and Owen rode the scooter and chased balls around—it was great. If you have the chance, get outside! It makes EVERYTHING feel lighter and easier!

Working on Big Picture Things

I’m finally finding that I actually want to get back into my own normal swing of things here, but I’ve also been focusing some of my time on some big picture projects that I’ve been putting off. I’m not quite ready to share them yet, but I’m excited to soon!

It can sometimes be hard to think about work and business when time’s are so uncertain, but for me it actually is really calming. It puts some power and control back in my hands and makes me feel like I’m able to make a difference. Even if I don’t notice those differences now, I know that small steps forward in my business now will impact my bottom line months from now!

Family Dinners

All of my mom dreams are coming true! Family dinners are something I absolutely cherished growing up and have always looked forward to doing with my own family. Typically this is impossible because Rob gets home past Owen’s dinnertime, so it’s just not happening for us right now.

But this week, we’re all here! And, we’ve been eating dinners earlier, and together and it is wonderful! Another perk? Once Owen is in bed, we’re done for the night!

Going to Bed Early

Umm, not that I didn’t have respect for stay at home moms before, but it has reached a whole new level. I passed out promptly around 10pm a few nights ago and slept like a rock. Coming up with activities, cooking all 3 meals and entertaining a toddler all day is WORK. Being pregnant is probably adding to it.

Enjoying Baby Kicks

I’ve found myself slowing down a lot this week, which is awesome. I struggle with this normally. Every time I do, I’m greeted with a serious smattering of baby kicks, some serious ones too! A few times I’ve been able to see them from the outside which is so fun, and special.

Never forget what you have to be grateful for friends, it can completely change your mood!


Speaking of slowing down, every night, I’ve been taking some time to just chill. Especially if I’ve fallen into the media trap and am feeling anxious. I almost always take a nice hot shower, and have been doing a whole lot of face masks and taking extra time with my nightly and morning skincare routine.

That’s always my moment to myself and to spend just a few more intentional moments, do gua sha once a day and enjoy the process, it makes me feel so calm! My favorite clean beauty brand, Beautycounter, is having a 10% off sale right now and this Charcoal Mask would be perfect for spa night at home!

It’s been a long week full of lots of ups and downs, but we’re hanging in there and making the most of it. No matter how you’re feeling this week, know that every emotion is valid—there’s no right way to feel during something as unprecedented as this, and have faith that we’re all going to come out of this stronger, more united and more grateful than ever.

I love you guys and I’m sending you good vibes, good health and a big hug from across the internet!

xo, Blair



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