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12 Best Places to Shop for Matching Family Holiday Pajamas This Year

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Looking for matching family holiday pajamas? I’ve got you covered with the cutest pairs and where to find the best of the best jammies for the holiday season.

Where to find the Best Matching Family Holiday Pajamas This Year |

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And, if you’re anything like me, you’re starting to think about how to make the most of the holiday season with your family. The traditions you’ll create and memories you’ll make for you and your kids are so special.

One that I’ve seen a lot more lately is matching holiday family pajamas. It’s fun, creative and unique, and makes Christmas morning that much more special.

Our kids LOVE pajamas. I wonder, did I love jammies that much as a kid? I’ll have to ask my mom. But either way, I love this idea for the holidays or Christmas morning. It’d be so fun to go all out and get the whole family involved too—cousins, grandparents, and more!

Now, onto the top places to shop for matching family holiday pajamas this year. They all have different styles and shopping experiences that make the process so much easier. Make sure to read them all to see which ones are best for your family!

12 Best Places to Buy Matching Family Holiday Pajamas

Hanna Andersson

Hanna Andersson matching family pajamas for Christmas

The OG of matching holiday family pajamas is Hannah Andersson and why they’re at the top of our list. We’ve long been fans of their soft fabrics and adorable prints. They now have a whole section on their website dedicated to matching family pajamas to make shopping so much easier. They also have the biggest selection I’ve seen from any retailer.

They have classic prints that adults will love wearing too—everything from plaid pajamas, apres ski printed jammies, and more traditional and fun holiday prints. Hanna Andersson also has some really cute striped matching pajamas in less traditional holiday colors as well, plus many that are not Christmas-specific, and even a Hanukkah pair!

The point is that there’s something for everyone, and their website makes it super easy to shop for everyone in your family and for just about any season you can think of!

Hanna Andersson Matching Family Pajama Favorites

Smaller Things

A newer and smaller company, Smaller Things is known for their adorable city-themed pajamas—our kids have the Chicago pair and they are adorable. Other locations currently include: San Francisco, Texas, Florida, Boston, Tennessee, Los Angeles, New York City and Seattle.

They’d make for a great gift for kids too!

They just came out with their first pair of matching family pajamas. The print is an adorable vintage-inspired ornament print and they have adult sizes, kids sizes and baby onesies sizes so everyone can snag the perfect pair for them!

Smaller Things’ pajamas are made from 100% organic cotton and are so comfortable and soft, and you can feel good about supporting a small business.

Monica & Andy

Monica & Andy matching pajamas

Monica & Andy is another brand we love—their fabric is some of the softest and I was excited to see that they now offer matching family pajamas for Christmas and the holidays as well!

They have 5 different holiday sets to choose from with prints featuring gingerbread men, holiday cookies, Menorahs, candy canes and plaid.

Grab adult sizes, toddler sizes and baby sizes for your whole family! They even have one print available for your pet, so your dog can match the family too.

Monica & Andy Matching Pajama Favorites

Comfy Cozy Style

ComfyCozyStyle Sweatshirt

If your family isn’t into pajamas and prefers loungewear, holiday sweatshirt are the perfect stand-in for pajamas. As cute as the matching family pajamas are, I know that some dads (ehhmmm, my husband) might not go for the matching jammies idea.

In that case, holiday sweatshirts are such a fun idea! There aren’t any available for kids here, but if you have older kids or you’re like me and my sisters—all adults now, this is such a fun idea.

Again, these come from an Etsy shop, so you can feel good knowing you’re supporting a small business!

Comfy Cozy Style Sweatshirt Favorites

Old Navy

Old navy matching pajamas for Christmas
Old Navy Matching Family Pajamas

If you’re looking for lots of options, Old Navy is the spot! They not only have a wide selection of holiday prints from plaids, stripes, buffalo checks, holiday prints, Hanukkah prints and more, but you can easily shop by pattern.

Within each pattern, you have a wide selection of different styles of pajamas too. There’s shorts, thermals, fleeces, socks, sets, joggers, onesies, blankets and even pajamas for your dog. There is quite literally something for everyone.

The prices are great too, so if you’re getting a lot of people dressed for Christmas morning, this might be the perfect option!

Old Navy Matching Pajamas Favorites

Burt’s Bees

We adore Burt’s Bees pajamas in our home. Our boys have countless matching pairs that they love wearing on the same night, it’s so cute!

Their pajamas made from organic cotton, soft and have really cute prints at affordable prices. I was thrilled to see they have family pajamas, or famjams as they call them, now too!

They have 8 different holiday prints, I think I might like the Tropical Holiday and Mugs of Happiness prints the most.

What I really love about their shop is that you can shop for the whole family from one page. Each print has its own page with all of the different size options available. This makes it so easy to find one that has sizes for everyone (as some are already sold out).

Burt’s Bees Holiday Pajamas

Matching Pajamas Amazon

When in doubt, Amazon for the win, right? I like to support smaller brands when I can, but I can’t lie—Amazon is just too easy sometimes!

They have a wide selection of family pajamas, and if you’re a Prime member, they’ll ship super fast too. Amazon has everything from cute prints, to funny holiday pajamas depending on what your family’s style is. They even carry some of the brands I’ve mentioned on this list already like Burt’s Bees.

The prices vary quite a bit, but in general, I think we all know that we can find some good deals on Amazon!

Matching Pajamas Amazon Favorites


I haven’t personally shopped at Primary before, but I’ve heard great things about the brand from my parent friends. They’re matching holiday pajamas are so cute too!

Instead of being completely matching, they have a lot of options for coordinating pajamas which is fun too. It’s a twist from most of the other retailers here, but allows your family to coordinate colors and patterns, but each person can still have their own unique look!

Little Sleepies

little sleepies holiday pajamas
little sleepies holiday jammies

Little Sleepies probably has the most unique and straightforward shopping process when it comes to buying your matching family pajamas for Christmas. You start by clicking on their Family Bundler page where you’re prompted to pick one person to start with.

It takes you through a series of easy steps to customize your order and make sure that everyone has exactly what they need. Once you’ve added one person, you can continue adding more family members until your bundle is complete!

I was SOOOO impressed with their platform and shopping experience and highly recommend this one simply for ease! Their pajamas are made from LunaLuxe Bamboo and the prints are very very cute as well, some of the best on this list!

Little Sleepies Holiday Pajama Set Favorites

Lake Pajamas

Lake Pajamas
Lake pajamas for kids

These pajama sets are known for being some of the softest and dreamiest fabrics out there. I love Lake Pajamas for their unique styles and cuts. The piping detail on some of their pajamas is so fun and special.

You’ll find long-sleeve and short sleeve pajama sets and robes in classic and understated prints that work for the holidays and year round. They now have matching prints for both adults and kids.

The price point is definitely a little higher than others on this list, but the quality is top-notch, so you know you’ll be getting what you paid for!

Lake Pajamas would also make for such a great gift—we gave a nightgown to my mom for Mother’s Day last year and she absolutely loved it. I couldn’t believe how soft the fabric was!

Lake Pajama Holiday Favorites

PJ Place

They have a huge selection of matching family pajamas and I’m pretty sure I saw some Kardashians and other influencers in their photos, ha!

The PJ Place website had a few hiccups, but overall, it was really great because you could shop for your entire family from one page. This is definitely a really handy feature!

The prints weren’t the most unique, but there were definitely some cute ones in the mix—the selection is large, so you’ll be able to find something! The prices were also really affordable as well.

The Company Store

The Company Store has classic prints and styles and even the option to personalize your pajamas—that was definitely a unique option I hadn’t seen from other stores. Most of their pajamas are flannel, so you can expect them to be super cozy and warm.

I did find it a little bit more difficult to shop for matching family pajamas because there was no option to shop for everyone on one page. The prints are cute and classic, but didn’t stand out to me as much as some other brands, but overall a great pick for family pajamas and the option to customize them was really special too.

Company Store Pajama Top Picks

That wraps up our list! I hope this helps you find the perfect set of matching family pajamas for Christmas or the holidays this year!

BTW, damn good chicken noodle soup, and how to find more joy this holiday season.



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