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How I Was Able to Actually Get Rid of Melasma Pigmentation for Good

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Do you have melasma on your face after pregnancy? This is how I was finally able to get rid of melasma pigmentation once and for all.

How I was able to actually get rid of melasma for good |

A few months into my first pregnancy, I started noticing these weird dark spots on my forehead and I totally freaked out. Was it sun damage from the years spent laying at the pool with no sunscreen or the new pregnancy hormones surging through my body? When does melasma start in pregnancy? Turns out it can start really early.

In fact, you can get melasma during pregnancy, or without ever being pregnant!

Fast forward nearly 5 years, I now know that this is in fact melasma pigmentation. Sadly, mine did not go away after my kids were born.

I started looking at melasma treatments and most called for chemical peels and lasers that were expensive and couldn’t guarantee results.

I felt so defeated. Would I have to live with this forever?

But, despite having much clearer skin (thanks to no longer being pregnant or breastfeeding), I still felt pretty self-conscious not wearing makeup because the melasma on my forehead was discolored and spotty.

Now, typically I’m a clean beauty girl. But I’ve realized that our self-confidence is a huge part of our overall wellness, so I finally decided to do something about it. That meant calling in the big guns. No, not the lasers. I added skincare products that have been proven to work on melasma, but weren’t necessarily deemed “clean” by my old standards.

I still use clean skincare for most everything else, but have stepped away from the all or nothing mentality. It’s too strict and more and more, I’m finding that I just want to do what feels right. It’s all about balance and doing what feels best for you.

I wanted to share how I was able to get rid of my melasma for good. Bonus, it’s been giving me my best skin ever!

How I was able to Actually Get Rid of Melasma Pigmentation for Good

Consult a Doctor

You’ll want to consult with your dermatologist to make sure that you’re using the appropriate products to treat your skin. I felt more comfortable after she was able to diagnosis my hyperpigmentation as melasma. I was also able to ask her questions on how to use the product best to get the results I was looking for.

Add Hydroquinone to Improve Melasma Pigmentation

I recently purchased this Spot Cream from Musely. The reviews and before and after pictures online were amazing. Within just a few weeks of using, I noticed a huge difference!

After a month, the melasma on my forehead was almost completely gone. The best part is how confident and comfortable I finally feel in my own skin.

Wear Sunscreen Everyday

A big part of keeping melasma at bay is wearing sunscreen everyday. I also recommend wearing hats to keep the sun off of your face as much as possible.

My go-to SPF is the Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 from Supergoop. I love the way it feels on my skin and works as a great primer under makeup as well.

Add a Retinoid

When speaking to my dermatologist, I was concerned that using both a retinoid and hydroquinone would be too much for my skin. She actually said that using the retinoid would help the efficacy of the hydroquinone.

The retinoid helps products get deeper into your skin and was able to make the hydroquinone work even better. If you’re using a retinol and not happy with the results, switch to a retinoid. There’s a big difference between the two!

I was able to get a prescription for a retinoid from my dermatologist. You can also get one at Dear Brightly online. You simply fill out some forms, upload images of your skin and a doctor sends you a prescription!

When to Not Use a Retinoid

Something to mention! A retinoid is amazing and I highly recommend it to everyone, but you can’t use while pregnant or breastfeeding. It also makes your skin more sensitive to the sun. Make sure you’re wearing SPF on your face, which I hope you are anyway!

You can first try a retinoid to see if it improves your melasma before adding hydroquinone. In my experience, I needed both to see a real change.

Be Patient

Change does not happen overnight, though I am happy to report that the hydroquinone worked FAST. In a little over a month, my melasma pigmentation is nearly gone. I’m literally mind blown and honestly a mad that I lived with it for as long as I did.

I am so happy with the results and my skin and I hope this helps give you the confidence to feel good in your own skin again.

BTW, DIY face serum for clear and glowy skin, and the benefits of Vitamin C serum and why you need one In your skincare routine.



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