Dreaming of Sandals

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All of this horribly cold weather has me so desperate for spring. I’ve been going on my daily walks with Oliver thinking, in just a few weeks this will be over and then summer will be next! Meanwhile, my skin is as dry and pasty as can be.

To get me thinking warm thoughts, I’ve been browsing the web for spring clothes and shoes in particular. There’s no doubt that shoes are one of my favorite things to shop for, and These are must have spring shoes and I would gladly take them all! How amazing are all these textures and patterns?! That won’t happen, but if I got to pick just three, I’d pick these, these and these. There’s a few pairs that I’m also eyeing on Dolce Vita‘s site. I love their designs and absolutely love that most shoes are under $200. Not cheap, but shoes are something I don’t like to skimp on. I’d rather have 1 pair of more expensive shoes that’s comfortable and well made than 10 pairs that make my feet hurt and fall apart after 2 wears. Anyone else?

So spring, please hurry up! And in the meantime, tell me which ones you’d like in your closet this season!

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