Needing Nikes







It’s no secret that I do not enjoy running. But that being said, I do a LOT of walking. At least an hour and a half everyday — the healthy perks of having a dog & living in the city, right?

My last pair of Nikes were at least 2, geez, maybe even three years old. The soles were worn and starting to peel off and Oliver had used the shoelaces as chew toys. Basically, I was seriously due for a new pair.

On Sunday, my friend Brittany and I made a stop at the NTC Lincoln Park — Nike’s women’s only shop located on Armitage — for a little shopping and I came out with a little bit more than anticipated. It was the first time I’d been in the store and it definitely won’t be my last. It’s pretty cool that it’s an all women’s shop and the upstairs is a studio that has barre and yoga classes among others — I’m definitely checking out that barre class!

Not only did I replace my training shoes, but I also scooped up a pair of their new Studio Wrap Training shoes for hot yoga. I cannot wait to try them out later this week!

As for today, my mom and I are off to another tasting which means I’ll be putting those walking shoes to use again tonight!

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