Festival Season









similar skirt, top, sandals, necklace, bag

One of my all time favorite things about Chicago is summer festivals. Each weekend there’s at least 2 or 3 festivals going on in neighborhoods all across town. They each have their own vibe and I’ve found that it’s a great way to explore & introduce ourselves to new parts of the city.

So far, this summer has been a weird one. We had beautiful weather all last week and then the temperature dropped into the 50s on Sunday. Not cool Chicago, not cool. Despite the wacky weather, we made it to two festivals over the weekend.

We headed to Wicker Park on Saturday for Do Division. It ended up raining quite a bit, but we still had a great time. More than anything I realized how awesome Division is! There are bars, restaurants & boutiques lining the street for multiple blocks. I’ve added a few new restaurants on my ‘need-to-try’ list – Folklore Argentine Grill, Via Carducci, Prasino and Bangers & Lace to be exact.

To celebrate the start of festival season I pulled out one of my favorite maxi skirts and a bright silk tank. It was the perfect outfit for cruising around a festival and when I had to run for cover from the rain, I just hiked up the skirt!

I’m already looking forward to this weekend’s festivals – Old Town Art Fair & the Dose Market! How’s your summer been thus far?

* photos by The View from 5 ft 2 & Rob

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