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How to Give a Small Space Big Style

small entryway design
@potterybarn foundry wooden square mirror

We’ve been in our place for two years now and the interior has changed a lot since we first unpacked. I’ve rearranged, sold the furniture that didn’t fit and upgraded pieces a long the way and for the past year it’s really felt like home—except for our entryway and our bathroom. Those space have been pretty much neglected the entire time we’ve lived here, which is somewhat embarrassing since it’s the first thing you see when you walk in and where we get ready every day.

The entryway had become a dumping ground for boots, shoes, backpacks, dog toys, and anything else that didn’t have a place. It’s tucked away in the front of our place, so you don’t really see it once you’re in the place, but that’s not really a good excuse.

Maybe it was the changing of the seasons, but suddenly I got motivated and decided to tackle the front area of our apartment and also give our bathroom a little refresh, as it’s seriously lacking in storage. It started with a deep clean and purge. Did we really need to keep 8 pairs of shoes by the door? No. Could we find a better spot to store Oliver’s toys and leash? Yes. Would it be possible to find somewhere to store all my beauty products other than on the countertop? Hopefully! Once the slate was clean, it was time to start making it look amazing!

@potterybarn small spaces collection

storage ideas for dog toys
fresh roses in a marble vase

The Entryway

If you’ve seen other pictures of our place, you’ll know that we have a lot of windows and a ton of natural light. But, none of that reaches the entryway. Instead, that area is dark, narrow and uninviting. My main goal for this space was to make it brighter and more functional, with pieces that fit the scale of the space and made it feel grand, despite it’s actual size.

Thankfully, Pottery Barn had the answer! Side note, Pottery Barn has been one of my favorite places to shop for home decor because it’s so classic. My first couch and rug I ever purchased were from here, so when I heard they had a Small Spaces Collection I got really excited! Living in the city for the past five years has made me aware that it can be tough to find the right furniture and pieces for your place because so many of them are designed to fit in much bigger spaces. When you drop large scale items into a small home, everything looks cramped—not comfortable.

small entryway

wood mirror
@potterybarn small spaces mirror

My first problem to tackle was to make the entryway brighter. There’s only one light in that part of the house, so I added this big wooden mirror from the Small Spaces Collection that looks amazing in this space. The mirror bounces light back and makes the whole space feel so much bigger and brighter. Plus, it’s nice to have a mirror right by the front door to make sure my lip gloss and hair looks right before I walk out the door.

Oliver’s toys are usually scattered around the house and his leash ends up on the kitchen counter, so this tall willow basket now holds all the dog things, other than treats, because he could easily find them! It also serves as a great spot to hold umbrellas and random things that don’t have a dedicated spot.

Entryway Pieces


wall shelf unit with glass shelves

beautiful storage ideas for the bathroom
beauty products storage


Next, I started on the bathroom. Our master bath is actually a good size, but it’s lacking in storage and I wanted a better way to store and display my beauty products. This adorable little shelving unit, also from Pottery Barn’s Small Space Collection, looks perfect in here! I can store candles, matches, perfumes, lotions and display all my masks (which also reminds me to do a mask more often!). I love the glass vases at the bottom for a little organic touch to the space—how cute are they with a single flower in there?!

Shelving & Storage Ideas


glass shelving for bathroom

pottery barn wall shelf
@PotteryBarn small spaces collection for small apartments

It’s so wonderful to come home and open the door to this bright and inviting space! I also love watching guests impressions when they first walk in! I’ve been loving our bathroom too. The shelves are tucked out of the way, but also make the bathroom look pulled together and intentional while adding functionality. It’s pretty amazing how upgrading our smallest spaces can make such a big difference in the whole feeling of our home!

Do you live in a small space? What areas of your house have you struggled to finish?

Thanks to Pottery Barn, a brand I love & trust, for sponsoring this post! Partnerships like this help make The Fox & She possible!