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Shortly after we found I was pregnant, I remember sitting in the doctor’s office for one of my first appointments. My pregnancy had recently been confirmed, so my doctor was going through the very long list of things you CAN’T do, eat or use while pregnant. A bunch of my friends had recently had babies, so I felt that I was pretty well-versed in this list, but then she mentioned something that made my ears perk up.

“No products with retinol.” Huh?!

Skincare products were a no-no by my doctor with pregnancy? I’d heard of “clean beauty” before I got pregnant, but I wasn’t sold on the whole concept until my doctor brought it up in that first appointment.

But, I was at a loss at where to start! Then I heard about a store that had just opened in Wicker Park called Credo—everything they sold was clean! Boom, time to go shopping!

The store is a beauty junkie’s dream! Gorgeous space, tons of different lines, gorgeous packaging and a Tata Harper spa in the back! What else could you want?! The staff is super knowledgable and helped me find several different brands and products that quickly became my favorites. Products I still come back to time after time. Best of all, everything has passed Credo’s clean beauty standards which means you don’t have to worry about reading labels—the leg work has already been done for you.

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If you’ve been trying to move into the clean beauty world, but have been struggling to find products that work as well as your other ones, Credo is a wonderful place to start because they have so many different brands so you can try them and find the ones that work best for your skin type.

Clean Beauty for Beginners

In these casual emails, I’m teaching my clean beauty basics and things like why clean beauty ACTUALLY matters, my favorite product recs, where to find the best products, and how to make the switch breaking the bank! 

P.S. I also do giveaways that are only available to my subscribers!  Hint, hint! 

    As I’m sure you can imagine, I’ve tried a LOT of different brands—some I like more than others, but these products are ones that I love and continued to use during pregnancy, as well as after!

    Tata Harper: Definitely a little higher price point, but her products are amazing! I’m also a sucker for the branding, it’s gorgeous! This resurfacing mask is incredible and makes your skin silky smooth.

    Indie Lee: If your’e new to the clean beauty space and want to start with some more affordable products, Indie Lee is what I’d suggest! This coconut scrub is heavenly guys. I used to not buy stuff like this, I figured whatever, soap is fine, but then I got this stuff and woah. Game-changer. I had the silkiest smoothest legs and there’s oil in it so your legs are also super hydrated!

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    Herbivore: I’ve raved about their Lapis Facial Oil many times in the past! I think that facial oil can seem scary for someone who’s prone to breakouts, but surprisingly enough it helps balance your skin’s oil production and can help heal breakouts. This stuff smells awesome too!

    One Love: To be honest, I’ve only tried a few of their products, but everyone of them, I’ve loved! I haven’t tried this exact cleansing oil, but I’m a big fan of cleansing oil. They give you such a deeper clean than you’d typically get and when you’re oil cleansing regularly, you will see a big difference in your skin clarity and texture!

    goop: Can Gwyneth do any wrong? Goop’s products are expensive, but powerful! I love this instant facial stuff too. I especially love it for travel—it keeps my skin looking great and the small size makes it easy to put in my bag!

    Juice Beauty: I’ve tried a lot of face washes and by far this blemish clearing cleanser is my favorite for my breakout prone skin. It really gets deep done into your pores and helps keep your skin clean. I use it after I do my oil cleansing each night and it’s made a big difference!

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    Okay, so, great Blair—why are you telling me all of this!? Maybe you guessed it from the post title, but if not, I’m giving away ALL SEVEN of these full-size products, worth $319, to one of you! A second place winner will get this clean beauty kit worth $163!

    Entering is simple! Follow the instructions below and a winner will be announced next Monday night! And, yes, these products are safe for pregnancy, but you don’t have to be pregnant to enter! You’ll get an extra entry for each entry option you complete!

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    Thanks to Credo, a brand I love and trust, for sponsoring this post! Partnerships like this help make The Fox & She possible!

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