6 Summer Tips To Stay Healthy

Summer Tips To Stay Healthy

After having Owen, my health became one of my top priorities! I dealt with a lot of weird postpartum health issues like adrenal fatigue, gut issues and general exhaustion and it was pretty miserable.

I know a newborn comes with sleep deprivation. But my goal this go-around is prioritize my health from the start so that I don’t get so run down! I definitely think it’s easier to stay healthy in the summer months because there’s an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables and getting outside to exercise is so much easier.

I wanted to share a few more of my quick tips for staying healthy and happy this summer!

6 Summer Tips To Stay Healthy

Stay Hydrated

My number one tip for staying healthy in summer is to drink plenty of water! Thankfully this has been an easy one for me since we moved to Denver because it’s so dry here and I’m always so thirsty.

I am for 96oz. a day or more because I find that’s my sweet spot! Everyone is different though and you might need more or less. The easiest way to stay on track is to get a good reusable water bottle—this one is my favorite—and download a water tracking app. I use my FitBit app to keep track of mine.

Wear Sunscreen

I’ve always known this is important, but it’s become a part of my daily routine lately because it’s literally sunny here every day. That’s easily one of the best parts about living in Denver.

I wear SPF on my face every single day, and when we go out for walks, to the park or pool, I lather up with either one of my favorite sunscreens: Beautycounter’s Countersun Mineral Sunscreen or Supergoop!’s Play sunscreen which is a clean chemical one. Wearing sunscreen daily is the easiest way to reduce the risk of skin cancer, burns and early aging.

I tend to switch back and forth because mineral sunscreen dries out my skin in the dry weather here. I do the same with Owen too! Make sure to wear sunglasses that block UV rays too—our eyes are super sensitive!

Move your Body Daily

Before our second was born, it was my goal to move my body every single day. I didn’t get it in everyday, but I was pretty proud of how often I moved. Not only is daily movement great for your physical health, it’s also amazing for your mental health. I always feel so rejuvenated and refreshed after a quick workout or walk.

This doesn’t mean you need to do an intense workout every single day, but just get up and move! It feels good and also helps with my next tip.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is the best, isn’t it?! I know that when I don’t get enough, I don’t feel my best. Thankfully, when you’re regularly exercising, eating healthy and making time to destress, sleep naturally comes easier.

I do my best to avoid tech at night, keep the lights dim and get ready for bed earlier so I can start to unwind and calm down. If you need more sleep tips, check out this post.

Eat Well

This probably goes without saying, but eating nutrient dense foods and avoiding processed stuff will make you feel a zillion times better! Summer is the perfect time to get into the habit of eating more fruits and vegetables because everything is in season and super fresh.

Foods with high water content are especially great if you live somewhere hot or dry! Things like cucumber, watermelon, celery, zucchini, strawberries to name a few!

That’s a big reason why I get my green smoothie in every morning. One of my favorite has celery and cucumber in addition to fruit. Get the free smoothie eBook here if you want some inspiration.

Make Time for You

This has been so much harder lately with Owen being home and now a newborn, but carving out a little bit of time for myself is key to my mental health. It’s so easy to put others first or focus on what else needs to be done, but slowing down and taking a moment to just be present is so important for our health!

These days, I’m counting small wins like a hot shower alone, a quick walk by myself, reading a book or calling up a friend to catch up!

Make Time for Fun

Lastly, but so important is to make time for fun. I know we’re all dealing with different situations this year and it’s been emotionally draining. But, making time for things we enjoy, having fun and laughing is so amazing for our health. It reduces stress and for me, reminds me that this is just a phase, not forever.

What are you doing to stay healthy and happy this summer?

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