The Sunday 6


Do you shave your face? I know it sounds kind of weird, but it makes such a difference in my skin. I use these Tinkle razors to remove the peach fuzz from my face. It helps keep my skin clear and makeup goes on so smoothly! Tip: use a new one each time to avoid spreading bacteria to your skin. I do it about every 3 weeks.


Okay, mamas! If you have toddlers or kids under 8, you NEED the Learn with Homer app! I I won’t lie, it’s been hard having Owen and Jack on my own some days and it’s nice for him to have a focused activity. It teaches kids to read and it’s been so cool to watch his little brain at work when he’s tracing letters. It’s also amazing how quickly he learns!


I came across these winter boots the other day and fell in love! I haven’t pulled the trigger yet because we just had our floors re-done and gotta get that paid for, but these are high on my list for fall and winter!


The best thing happened this week! My favorite designer, Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors, launched a collection with Anthropologie and it is stunning. Her pieces on her site are absolutely stunning, but admittedly, very expensive. Her Anthro collab is more attainable and still really high quality.

I’d been looking for a coffee table for the past few weeks and just wasn’t finding anything I liked. Then this launched and I immediately grabbed this coffee table and this pillow. I can’t wait for them to arrive!

I also LOVE this chair, this rug, these tumblers, and this pretty coverlet—basically everything she does is gold IMO.


Earlier this week I realized it’d been weeks (maybe months?!) since I did any form of self-care, so I did a face mask, took a hot shower, had a cup of tea and lathered myself in this body butter. I hadn’t used it in so long and forgot how luxurious it feels on my skin. And, bonus points—my skin was incredibly hydrated and soft the next day!


I started following The Happy Broadcast on Instagram when CoVid first hit and it’s become one of my favorite accounts to follow for feel good news in a time where so much of the news feels so heavy. They always feature cool little tid-bits and I think you guys will love it too.

xo, Blair

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