Time for a Facelift

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Like most college kids, my apartment was filled with a whole slew of Ikea furniture. For whatever reason I decided that the natural wood was the best color. Since then my style has drastically changed and I really wish I had picked white or the darker stain (so many options! not..).

I wish that I could say I’ve gotten rid of all that Ikea furniture, but the truth is it’s making it’s way out my place much slower than I’d like. I’ve recently come across some really incredible remakes of the modern and personality-less Malm dresser and I think it’s time to give mine a little update!

I think I’m going to keep it simple and paint it white. My bedding is white and so is my vanity table. I really want to add some hardware to it as well. Not just for looks either, I find that the drawers are harder to open when really full. I’ve even broken a fingernail a time or two trying to get those things open.

I’m struggling to decide between these knobs or these cup pulls. Thoughts? Oh, and please tell me I’m not the only 25 year old that still has Ikea furniture.

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