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I'm a mom of two boys living in Denver. The Fox & She is where I share my easy outfit ideas, style tips, beauty hacks and wellness tips for inspired, happier living—everyday.

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Moving to Denver, Colorado!

I honestly can’t believe I’m finally typing this post, but I’m also so excited that it’s finally all come together and that I can finally share our big news.

Many of you knew from Instagram that our lease was up at the end of April (we’re currently in a 2-bedroom), but then CoVid-19 hit and wrecked our plans. Our landlord was kind enough to extend our lease another month so we could sort out our plans and also wait for the mayhem to die down a bit.

So, here we are, a little bit later than expected, but just as excited to announce that we’re moving to…

Denver, Colorado!

Did Rob’s shirt give it away?! I’m so so excited to finally be able to spill the beans with you because it feels like I’ve been holding this in for a long time.

The Backstory

I’m from Dallas, and Rob is from Denver. When we left Dallas over 8 years ago I knew that we wouldn’t be moving back, and I was okay with that. I absolutely loved growing up there, but wasn’t upset knowing that it wasn’t a place Rob wanted to be long term.

We’ve absolutely LOVED living in Chicago, and for a while I thought we might be here forever. And, then Owen was born.

The next two years were tough. Not only was I at home with Owen with very little help for the first year, but I was dealing with some serious postpartum crap that I didn’t even realize was happening until it was over. Many days ended in tears, and all I wanted was to be close to family and plant roots. We’d moved five times since arriving in Chicago and honestly, I was over it.

I wanted a place where I could raise my kids, have them run around in their own backyard and finally feel settled. Maybe even paint the walls and not feel like I wasted my money—ya know?

A little over two years later, it’s all finally coming together. Sometime the universe works in weird ways, and I’m just so happy it’s finally all come together.

The weeks leading up to us finding out we were moving, I started seeing feathers EVERYWHERE.

If you’re like what the heck does that mean, quick story—I read Gabby Bernstein’s book, The Universe Has Your Back, and one chapter talked about picking a sign. I have no idea why, but I picked a feather. And, I didn’t see a damn feather for months. Not a real one, not one poking through my winter down-stuffed coat or the couch, or even a painting or image of one. Nothing.

Then out of nowhere, they started appearing everywhere and I started feeling hopeful that things might finally fall in place. The day we found out that we were officially moving, I found 3 on our morning walk—CRAZY STUFF GUYS.

My point—have faith, stay positive, visualize what you want and believe it’s already yours. The universe will catch up and deliver.

Our Moving Plans

A move with a toddler is hectic enough, but a cross-country move with a toddler and pregnant lady during a global pandemic? Not ideal. But, it’s going to happen, and we’re doing it and making the best of the situation.

We’re packing up and driving to Denver in a little over two weeks. TWO WEEKS. I’ve been packing in my spare time, though we’re not even close to being ready, but I know it’ll happen—it has to, ha!

My sweet dad is coming up to help us drive! I’m actually so excited. He drove me to Chicago and has helped me with so many big moves. It just feels like it’s meant to be. With everything happening in the world, we just figured that driving would be the safest for all of us. It’ll be long, and challenging, I’m sure—a newly potty-trained toddler and a dog in a car for 15 hours—what could go wrong?!

Moving to Denver, Colorado!

Where We’ll Be Living

So, here’s the big twist. We don’t actually have a place to live—yet.

Originally, our plan was to go out to Denver at the end of March or early April to do some house hunting and hopefully buy our first place. But, obviously life got turned upside down at that exact time.

We’ve been browsing houses online, and Rob’s parents have gone to look at a few for us too. But, the Denver housing market is CRAZY. Good stuff goes quickly. We’re very hopeful that something we love and fits in our budget will come up soon and that we’ll be in our own home either before or shortly after Baby 2 arrives. Send us all the good juju please!

In the meantime, Rob’s parents are VERY generously letting us crash with them for a while. Again, we’re hoping it won’t be long, but I fully admit that I’m excited for some extra help with Owen, especially since I’ll be 34 weeks pregnant at that point.

The real estate market opened back up two weeks ago and my Zillow notifications have been going nuts. So we know we’ll find something great soon. It can be so hard to be patient and wait, but I’m finding that I’ve been really calm about the situation knowing that when the right house comes up, it’ll all fall into place.

Ahhh—so how’s that for some big news?! I still can’t believe it’s all happening and so dang soon! I’ll keep you posted on everything as it happens. I’m so grateful for all of you, your support and love for our little family and can’t wait to share the next chapter of our lives with you guys!

BTW, master bedroom design ideas, and baby #2—boy or girl?



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